Aubert, new general manager of Azul Azul, together with one of the greatest legends of the U, Sergio Navarro.
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Among all the changes that the Romantic Traveler is experiencing today, the name of Cristian Aubert also goes around several times and the fans wonder what will happen to him. Of course, far from leaving the blue box, he has now been relocated to a position that he already used at the dealership.

© University of ChileAubert, new general manager of Azul Azul, together with one of the greatest legends of the U, Sergio Navarro.

University of Chile lives days of many changes and uncertainty after the recent farewell of santiago escobar Y louis roggiero of the institution, but beyond that the name of Christian Aubert continues to generate a lot of noise among the blue fans.

Much of the fans of Romantic Traveler They point to him as the main person responsible for the blue debacle that they have been living for four years now, but the truth is that since Blue blue they are not even close to thinking that the commercial engineer will abandon his participation in the club.

At least this was recently made clear by the president of the concessionaire, Michael Clark, who at a press conference this Thursday, May 5, kept all the subtleties and made it clear that Aubert is the general manager of the U and that he will not move. of your post.

When things are going well, things are going well for all of us, and when things are going badly, things are going badly for all of us.. There is no hero or villain here. Cristian is a tremendous professional, a beautiful person, someone who loves the U very much, and the truth is someone who works 24 hours a day for the U,” the blue helmsman started.

But that did not stop there, since the compliments for Aubert continued with everything and he stressed that “he knows the industry very well, local and international, he knows the club like few others and the truth is that his level of commitment and sacrifice for the U is tremendous“, then endorse it.

Today he is the general manager and from that role he is part of the decisions made by the club, as are other areas and so am I. Are we infallible? No. Do we make mistakes? Yes. Are we going to make mistakes in the future? Surely. But the important thing is to learn from those mistakes so that they don’t happen again,” he added.

Thus, they closed the rain of love for the former president of the U shooting that “Cristian Aubert is part of this structure that the U has, he is a very valuable person and has a great commitment to the U. It will continue to be part of the administrative structure of the club”.

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