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The northern municipality resolved, once again, to suspend the traditional Fiesta de la Pampilla after an analysis of the country’s health and budget conditions.

This year there will be no Fiesta de la Pampilla either.
© AGENCY ONEThis year there will be no Fiesta de la Pampilla either.

The Municipality of Coquimbo, headed by its mayor Ali Manouchehri, decided, for the third year in a row, not to hold the traditional Fiesta de La Pampilla “After an analysis of the country’s health conditions and the Municipality’s budget,” he explained on social networks.
In the Twitter account, the municipality explained that “the statistics provided by the health authority in the Assembly of the Association of Municipalities of the region and the refusal on the part of the Municipal Council to develop a new management model that allows maintaining the prestige of the biggest party in Chile and, at the same time, not generate economic losses for our institution”#.
Despite the determination, they indicated that “by virtue of the economic need of our merchants and entrepreneurs,” they will develop spaces for local merchants and artists where they can enjoy the National Holidays.
The last version of this popular festival was held in 2019, where, according to local media, the largest attendance in history was produced. On the third night of activities, more than 250 thousand people came to the sector, with the presentation of the Puerto Rican duo Zion & Lennox, the Chilean Tommy Boysen and the Chilean Denise Rosenthal.

In 2020 and 2021, the party had to be suspended due to the pandemic.

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