Redouan Benhamou celebrates with his teammates.  (archive image)

Redouan Benhamou celebrates with his teammates. (archive image) © GOYVAERTS

Heist has caused a small stunt on the field of leader Liège. With no fewer than eight absentees on the field, the visiting block grabbed an unexpected point.

“We can be proud of this result,” said Yousri Sabhaoui. “We formed a good block and yet we didn’t steal this point against one of the best teams in the series. Of course Liège had the upper hand and certainly in the second half they were better when they played to their own supporters. In the first place we defended and we sometimes tried to get out by playing Troonbeeckx. There have not been great opportunities for us, but Liège cannot say that they have had many opportunities. We also missed eight players, including the suspended Sam Van Aerschot. Offensively he is of great value. Then this division of points feels like a victory. We are also unbeaten in five games, which is a nice series.”

Assistant coach Glenn Liekens was also very satisfied: “We did very well, who would have expected such a result? There’s only one word for it: gorgeous. We had to leave possession to the home team, but to say that Liège crushed us in terms of dominance? Rather, I found them to apply sterile pressure. Of course you always have to be vigilant with someone like Perbet in rush hour. Fortunately he wasn’t having his day and the real sharpness was missing on their side. I don’t see many returning from the long list of injured. Van Aerschot is coming out of suspension, but now Benhamou and Troonbeeckx got their third yellow card”, the T2 also knows. (gf)

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