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Ex-national player Michael Ballack sees a need for reform at the DFB. © Sven Hoppe/dpa

Former national team captain Michael Ballack has spoken out in favor of an additional control body in the German Football Association.

Berlin – “In Bundesliga clubs, for example, there are supervisory boards that deal with sporting development. Something like that could also make sense for the DFB,” said the 98-time national player in an interview with “Sport Bild”. “There is no body that overarchingly questioned the people involved. That’s why I’m of the opinion that the DFB should think about new structures – as far as the national team is concerned – without detaching them from the association.”

No critical questioning?

According to the former midfielder, after the recent failures, the DFB presidium “apparently hasn’t been critical for a long time”. “For example, there was no real sporting work-up on the part of the DFB officials when there were no successes in the last tournaments,” said the 45-year-old: “A check was made, the decisive people were not checked – there was a “Continue so”.”

At his former club FC Bayern Munich, the former world-class player sees the danger that older players like Thomas Müller (32), Manuel Neuer (36) and Robert Lewandowski (33) will be held on for too long. “It’s aging players, they don’t have to – but could in the near future – pose a problem. Because a player usually loses some of his quality as he gets older,” said Ballack.

“On the other hand, the importance and position of these players should not be underestimated. They were and are important for the structure and hierarchy of the team,” added Ballack, who believes Lewandowski will be able to play “at the current level for a while longer”. Captain Neuer and striker Lewandowski are currently under contract with the German record champions until 2023, Müller recently extended until June 30, 2024. dpa

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