An image of the sponsorship of Banco Santander in the League of Legends

Santander Bank has announced that being the main sponsor of the major competitions of European League of Legends and South America: LEC and ALL, respectively.

The competitions of this strategy and fantasy game gather an audience from all corners of the world and reached a peak of nearly 74 million simultaneous live viewers in 2021 in its world championship, according to RiotGamesits developerwith an average audience per minute of more than 30 million users.

An image of the sponsorship of Banco Santander in the League of Legends

“Internal talks to get into esports started three years ago. We’ve waited for the right time and found the best and most established esports players in League of Legends competitions,” he says. Juan Manuel Cendoyageneral director of Communication, Corporate Marketing and Studies of Grupo Santander, to MARCA

We believe that at the current point esports has reached its point of maturity to be able to enter this type of sponsorship with certain security”, continued Cendoya.

Juan Manuel Cendoya and Ana Bot

Juan Manuel Cendoya and Ana Botn

Santander Bank In this way, it becomes the first bank in the world to enter as the main sponsor of an esports competition. “This movement makes us innovators, there is no global bank that has such a determined commitment to electronic sports as we do,” confirmed Cendoya himself.

The agreement was presented in society in an event led by Medic, LOL idol with more than 250,000 followers and by Cristinini on the Twitch platform. In addition, the event included rapper Chuty, singer Nicki Nicole and freestyle champion Sara Socas, as well as some of the world’s most renowned players.

“With this movement we think we are reading the future well. It is true that for us it is a different bet, more innovative and it is a new territory, but in the end we are going to sponsor the best number one esport competition in the world,” said Cendoya, present at the event.

An image from the video game League of Legends

An image from the video game League of Legends

“We believe that at the beginning of the sponsorship there will be surprise among the community, as there was when we got fully into the Formula 1 with Ferraribut progressively they will accept us in their ecosystem”, closed his intervention Juan Manuel.

Banco Santander goes from being a regular sponsor of the most ‘traditional’ sport to get fully into esportstaking a strategic step to position itself in the digital world.

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