Barreto on Calcaterra: "Beyond the 11 titles he has in 10 years, he is a player with leadership"

The signing of Rodrigo Ureña by academic It is, perhaps, the one that generated the greatest excitement in the merengue fans, in recent days. However, another of the additions that has been well received by Manuel Barreto Its the Horace Calcaterrawho will also defend the colors of the student squad next season.

And it is that the former Sporting Cristal player arrives with a wide back to Ate, after being the main reference for the sky-blues and having had the confidence of Ricardo Gareca to play for the Peruvian National Team on more than one occasion (in friendly and official duels ).

This was perhaps the main factor that made Manuel Barreto decide to look at it and incorporate it into academicsupporting his decision throughout the journey traveled by Horace Calcaterraduring the last decade, in national football.

“Beyond the 11 titles he has won in the last 10 years, he is a player who has leadership and a very important ancestry and the last season has been one of the ones he has played the most minutes, fully valid. Confirmations will be through the corresponding channel”said the sports manager in dialogue with Radio Ovación.

Universitario’s position in relation to Bryan Reyna

Yes ok University of Sports wait to Bryan Reina reach their ranks in 2023, Manuel Barreto reconfirmed that the club will not make an extra effort to hire the player, acknowledging that what is offered by Lima Alliance It is an amount greater than what they put into the operation.

“I wanted to make it clear that we intend to have Bryan and we are going to wait for Cantolao’s decision and his decision. The footballer is not a commodity to have as a souvenir. I know that there is not that much difference in the economic aspect, we are not going to enter a bid to offer more either because there is a market value ”, ended.

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