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Flávia Noronha, presenter of TV Fama, criticized Mel Maia for making fun of Jade Picon and defended the work of the influencer in the soap opera

Jade Picon has been facing several criticisms for her work in Glória Perez's telenovela
🇧🇷 Playback / GlobeJade Picon has been facing several criticisms for her work in Glória Perez’s telenovela

Daniela Albuquerque receives, at Sensacional this Thursday (17), the journalist Flávia Noronha, who presents TV Fama on RedeTV! alongside Nelson Rubens and Fefito. In the conversation, she weighed in on the criticism that Jade Picon has received after her recent debut in prime time as an actress, in the telenovela Travessia, considering that it is common to have difficulties at the beginning of your career.

“Me too [tive um começo]🇧🇷 I stuttered a lot and even today I stutter sometimes, it’s normal. Now, everything depends on our head, if we feel safer, things will flow”, commented Flávia, who began her career in journalism as an intern, in the 2000s, before becoming a presenter.

🇧🇷Jade is an example of a girl. She’s from a rich family, but she makes her money and made her famous. She managed to get into the BBB and was the only one who managed to stand out. It became the new Grazi Massafera”, she then stressed, criticizing Mel Maia for making fun of the influencer in a recent controversy on social networks.

“It was unnecessary. Jade has an incredible personality, so much so that she even responded by saying: ‘You will never see me badmouthing another woman’s work’. And that’s it, we have to support each other and not criticize,” said Flávia Noronha.

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