Because of Mané's offer: FC Bayern Munich is publicly teased by Spartak Moscow

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Of: Stephen Schmid

FC Bayern’s transfer hiccups surrounding Sadio Mané are blossoming in the most colorful ways. FC Spartak Moscow’s social media department took aim at Bayern.

Munich – You must have laughed up your sleeve happily in the social media department of Spartak Moscow. A staged offer for Moscow centre-forward Alexandr Sobolev was posted on the Russians’ Twitter channel. In the picture you can see that the FC Bayern 1000 euros base fee would be willing to pay. The fee would increase significantly if special circumstances were met. Fun with that the “joke” offer for Sadio Mané was picked up.

FC Bayern Munich: If Bayern win the ESC, there will be 10 million euros more for Sobolev

One of the clauses states that Bayern will add another ten million euros if they win the Eurovision Song Contest. There would be 20 million euros extra for Moscow if Lionel Messi to real Madrid changes and 15 million euros on top of that, should Manchester United get a title.

If you take a closer look at the invented writing, even more stylistic blossoms come to light. Apparently, Moscow does not trust those responsible at FC Bayern to write Alexandr Sobolev’s name correctly – without the “e”. And the Russians don’t concede the fifth master star to the people of Munich any more than the ability to sign better than when they were in elementary school.

FC Bayern Munich: Mané clauses lead to Russian scorn

The reason for the Russian Post is clear. Recently it became known that Munich made an offer for Sadio Mané that Liverpool did not like at all. In addition to the base fee of 27.5 million euros, FCB offered 7.5 million bonus payments. But parts of it would only be due if Mané (already 30 years old) wins the Ballon d’Or three times in a row or Bayern win the Champions League three times in a row. No punchline.

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