Captain of the DFB team and FC Bayern: Manuel Neuer.
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Of: Patrick Mayer

Captain of the DFB team and at FC Bayern: Manuel Neuer, here with the One Love armband. © IMAGO/ Ulmer/Team photo

Ban on Manuel Neuer: Fifa prohibits wearing the One Love bandage at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The DFB is therefore examining legal steps – and criticizing “massive threats”.

Munich/Qatar – Tue World Cup 2022 has a real scandal. And right at the start of the Soccer World Cup in Qatar (20 November to 18 December).

One-Love-Binde: DFB is allegedly considering legal action against World Cup organizer Fifa

On Monday (November 21), world football association Fifa, the organizer of the tournament, banned seven nations from wearing a “One Love” armband in the emirate as a visible message against discrimination against homosexuals and for more human rights. Among the affected football nations are, among others Germany with captain Manuel Neuer, England and the Netherlands.

The German Football Association (DFB) reacted immediately – and allegedly moves against them FIFA in court. As the picture reported on Tuesday, the DFB wants to take legal action before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne. “Fifa has banned us from using a symbol for diversity and human rights. She combined this with massive threats of sporting sanctions without specifying them. Of the DFB checks whether this action by Fifa was legal,” DFB spokesman Steffen Simon, once a sports reporter for ZDF, was quoted as saying by the daily newspaper.

In the video: World Cup in Qatar – Manuel Neuer is not allowed to wear a one-love bandage

Accordingly, the DFB wants to achieve at the CAS that Bayern star Neuer can put on the One Love bandage in the second World Cup preliminary round match against Spain on Sunday (8 p.m., here in the live ticker). And without the 36-year-old goalkeeper being sanctioned with a yellow or even red card. Or that there may be a point deduction against the German national team, as was also feared.

One-Love-Bundle: DFB-Team reacts seriously irritated to Fifa’s decision in Qatar

As the picture continues to write, the DFB application provides for provisional legal protection for all games played by the German national team in Qatar. The report suggests that Fifa and its controversial boss Gianni Infantino would not want to go to court after the tournament.

The German delegation was seriously irritated by the decision of the world football association in the emirate. “From my point of view, it is a demonstration of power by Fifa,” said DFB President Bernd Neuendorf on Monday at the team headquarters in northern Qatar. Neuendorf said: “From our point of view, this is more than frustrating and also an unprecedented event in World Cup history.” On Tuesday before Germany’s World Cup opener against Japan (Wednesday, 2 p.m., CET), national coach Hansi Flick spoke of “absolute incomprehension”. .

The focus of criticism: Fifa President Gianni Infantino (left).
The focus of criticism: Fifa President Gianni Infantino (left). © IMAGO/Matthias Koch

He sees a “disappointment about a decision” in his players that put England and the Netherlands under pressure and “ultimately forced all associations” to “that ultimately you can’t set this sign. That’s why I think it’s more of a disappointment than a concern,” said the man from Baden in an interview with ZDF: “If you had known about the sanctions beforehand, you might have been able to react. I just think: How Fifa behaves there is indescribable. Ultimately, we all lack understanding somewhere.”

One-Love-Bundle: Fifa is heavily criticized during the Qatar World Cup in Germany

There is also a lot of criticism of the Fifa requirement from Germany. “Infantino even managed to force teams not to wear the #OneLove armband. How pathetic?!” wrote Ex-national player Thomas Hitzlsperger on Twitter for the one-love binding scandal. The 40-year-old once came out as homosexual, which is extremely rare in football.

How Fifa behaves there is indescribable.

Hitzlsperger, who was CEO of VfB Stuttgart and lives in Munich, continues: “Gianni Infantino thinks he’s bigger than Virgil van Dijk, Manuel Neuer, Harry Kane and other top stars in world football. He thinks the game is his. He can feel gay, Arabic, Muslim and many other things. It is so sad that we have come to this point.” (pm)

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