Boris Becker outside Southwark Crown Court in London.
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Boris Becker has been in prison for a week. Now there are new insights into the everyday life of the tennis legend in prison.

London – The end of April changed the life of Boris Becker suddenly. The German tennis legend was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for delaying bankruptcy. Now new details about Becker’s prison routine in South London’s Wandsworth prison have become public. Accordingly, Becker is only allowed to shower twice a week and gets a confidant in prison.

Boris Becker: Rough daily routine

Becker is woken up at 7 a.m., breakfast is at 8 a.m. As reported Becker does not have to work because he is expected to be transferred to another prison. The Leimener gets 30 minutes of free time a day, which means he can move clockwise in the inner courtyard.

During the day Becker attends various introductory courses, on Wednesday he is said to have attended the library introduction. At the weekend, Becker received his dinner at 4:30 p.m. From 7 p.m. onwards, no one in Wandsworth is allowed outside their own cell.

Boris Becker: The shower can only be used twice a week, food and money are tight

You shower in communal showers, which can be used by up to a hundred people at the same time. explains that Becker is only allowed to shower twice a week for around ten minutes each time. For dinner, Becker got vegetables with minced meat at the weekend, and “Sheperd’s Pie”, a potato-minced meat mix, was served during the week. Breakfast consisted of cornflakes, whole wheat biscuits and toast. A prison official reports the picture of small portions, former prisoners speak of “disgusting food”. The sports icon is also said to be claustrophobic cause problems.

Boris Becker is expected to be transferred to another prison. © IMAGO/Mark Thomas / i-Images

Becker gets a small allowance of ten pounds a week. This can be used to place orders, for example for toiletries or chocolate. You will also receive a phone card with a limited credit. As the picture Becker is said to have called his girlfriend Lilian first. He then made a second call to his beloved mother Elvira Pisch. A prison employee described this as a “celebrity bonus”, it is reported below. Pisch has had a difficult time. Boris Becker’s mother suffered greatly from her son’s imprisonment.

Boris Becker: social time and confidant

Inmates are entitled to 30 minutes of community time per day. During this time you can talk to other prisoners in the corridors. Another way to escape loneliness are so-called “listeners”. What’s it all about? “Listeners” tend to be older, religious and respected inmates, the Wandsworth staffer reports.

“They take care of the new ones” and come from the charity Samaritans. Becker should get a “listener” as a roommate, she reports Picture.

What’s next for Boris Becker? Possible transfer to Germany

Celebrity lawyer Paul Vogel is likely to be transferred to another prison, like him communicated. “Wandsworth is the first port of call. From there, it is usually distributed to other detention centers,” says Vogel. He is certain that Becker’s defenders will advocate a transfer. It may also be possible to force a move to Germany, but there are some imponderables due to Brexit. A return to Germany is becoming more and more likely, also because he is threatened with deportation.

In Germany, Boris Becker will not be heard again any time soon. Eurosport contradicted a report that Becker was allowed to comment on tennis from prison.

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