Mandatory Credit: Photo by Javier Garcia/Shutterstock (13626489gr) Eden Hazard of Belgium Belgium v ​​Canada, FIFA World C
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The captain of the Belgian national team Eden Hazard in the game against Canada at the 2022 World Cup © Garcia / imago

The situation around the World Cup in Qatar at a glance: the news ticker on Thursday, November 24th.

  • The controversial World Cup 2022 in Qatar has been running since Sunday (November 20th).
  • Germany blunders at the start and loses against Japan – Andreas Möller lacks the “biliousness”

+++ 2:22 p.m.: After the protest action by the German national football team ahead of the 2-1 defeat against Japan at the 2022 World Cup on Wednesday (November 23), Belgium’s captain Eden Hazard commented on the action: “It would have been better if they didn’t would have done and won.” This was reported by French radio RMC following Belgium’s 1-0 win over Canada on Wednesday night.

Before the game against Japan, Hansi Flick’s team had demonstratively covered their mouths during the team photo. FIFA had previously threatened consequences for wearing the “One Love” captain’s armband. Noisy RMC Hazard added: “We’re here to play football, I’m not here to spread a political message, other people are better suited for that. We want to focus on football.”

+++ 11.13 a.m.: After long discussions about the “One Love” captain’s armband and the protest against the human rights situation in Qatar, the Danish players at the World Cup should only concentrate on their sport. When asked about the “One Love” armband for Danish players Andreas Christensen and Jesper Lindström, the media director of the Danish federation DBU, Jakob Höyer, stepped in: “I will answer this question. As I said before, we are here to talk football. We want to talk about the game against France and we already answered these questions yesterday.”

Update from Thursday, November 24, 10:10 a.m: In the World Cup 2022 in Qatar there is a strict ban on alcohol in the stadiums. Only at the Fanfest do the beer stands open after 7 p.m., guests cannot get alcohol there before that either. A fan of World Cup participants Mexico did not want to put up with it and tried to circumvent the alcohol ban in the stadiums.

As videos on social media show, the Mexican had binoculars with him and prepared them in such a way that he wanted to smuggle alcohol into the stadium. The man was caught in the act by the security guards in front of the stadium and did not come into the stadium with the alcohol.

World Cup 2022: Möller lacks “biliousness” in the German team

first report: After the 2-1 draw against Japan at the start of the World Cup, world and European champion Andreas Möller criticized the German national team’s lack of toughness in duels. “Our team lacked biliousness. At the front when exploiting good chances, at the back in the decisive duel situations where we missed the “German virtues” that we used to praise! That’s not possible at all at a World Cup and certainly not at the first appearance,” wrote the 55-year-old in a column for the Kicker sports magazine. Players from other nations perceive lost duels as “a personal insult”. “In this respect we are too soft”, complained Möller.

For the second group game against Spain his hopes rested “on the undisputed great quality in the offensive area,” wrote Möller. “Fight, bite, don’t give up an inch against Spain, without these virtues we will have to say goodbye to the tournament.” (smr with dpa)

Meanwhile, Germany is against after the botched start of the World Cup Japan negative pressure. We have the Press reviews of the defeat collected.

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