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Blackburn Rovers’ Chilean striker, Ben Brereton Díaz, increased his valuation by 60 percent according to Transfermarkt experts, with an estimated valuation of 16 million euros. The national striker also appears among the 25 most valuable under 23 strikers in the world.

Ben Brereton scored 22 goals for Blackburn Rovers and four for the Chilean national team last season
© Getty ImagesBen Brereton scored 22 goals for Blackburn Rovers and four for the Chilean national team last season

The news of the one-year extension of the contract that links Ben Brereton Díaz with Blackburn Rovers could not have come at a better time for the Chilean striker. The striker scored the best season of his career, with 22 goals in the Championship and four in the Chilean team, and made a huge jump in terms of his market value.

This is indicated by the latest update made by Transfermarkt experts, which establishes an increase of 60 percent in the appraisal of the attacker who acquired Chilean nationality at the end of 2020 and officially debuted for La Roja on June 3 against Argentina, for the South American Qualifiers for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

In this way, the Brereton pass presents an evolution from 10 million euros on November 24, 2021, to 16 million on May 13. But the increase is even greater if we consider the path traveled since his debut in the Chilean team. Big Ben increased from four to 16 million euros, with a variation of 400 percent.

As for Chilean soccer players, the latest ranking marks a before and after, since it is the first time that the Blackburn Rovers striker tops the ranking by nationality, after displacing Guillermo Maripán to second place (15 million euros), while Erick Pulgar and Paulo Díaz share third place (7 million).

But Brereton also shines globally. He is 22nd in the ranking of strikers aged 23 and under, led by three prodigies: PSG’s Kylian Mbappé (€160m), Manchester City newcomer Erling Haaland (€150m) and Juventus’ Dusan Vlahovic (€85m). millions).

The 16 million euros that Brereton quotes also put him at number 1 at Blackburn Rovers, far behind his escort, defender Jan Paul van Hecke (5 million); and he also appears in the top five of the list of players in the English Championship League, which is led by Fulham’s Serbian superstar, Aleksandar Mitrovic.

The Golden Generation in retreat

Another aspect evidenced by the latest installment of Transfermarkt is the decline of the great lanterns of the Golden Generation of the Chilean team. Charles Aránguiz is the only one of the two-time champions of America who remains in the top ten of the price of Chilean players, with an amount equivalent to five million euros.

Further back the other gems of the crown shine. Alexis Sánchez, the highest-trading national player in history, with an estimated €70m when he moved from Arsenal to Manchester United in 2018; today he only “costs” 3.5 million. Eduardo Vargas comes further down, and then Arturo Vidal and Eugenio Mena.

How much are Chilean soccer players worth in the market?

Place/Name Club Appraisal
one Brereton blackburn 16
two Maripan Monaco fifteen
3 Thumb Galasataray 7
3 P. Diaz River 7
5 Valdes America 6
5 vegas Monterey 6
7 arias Racing 5
7 Aranguiz Leverkusen 5
7 Davila Lion 5
10 baeza Toluca 4.5
eleven Blackberry Portland 4
12 alexis Inter 3.5
12 Meneses Lion 3.5
14 Vargas Athletic MG 3
14 Lichnovsky tigers 3
14 Alarcon Cadiz 3
14 N. Diaz Mazatlan 3
18 P. Galdames Genoa 2.8
19 Vidal Inter 2.5
twenty Ore Racing 23
* Values ​​in millions of euros

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