Berchem Sport women's team continues as Antwerp Diamonds FC: "We literally and figuratively need more space"

© Walter Saenen

The story of the women of Berchem will be further written from next season at a new location and under a different club name. Once the last internal obstacles have been cleared, the girls can defend the blue club colors of the Antwerp Diamonds FC in the first provincial. Achieving the title will also be the goal this time.

“Now that we have been promoted again and will compete in the highest provincial series, it became clear that we had to work on the further development of this fantastic project,” says Marc Vercammen, responsible. “Since our start in 2015, we have taken huge steps forward and have actually outgrown Berchem Sport a bit. We literally and figuratively need more space within the youth work as well as in terms of accommodation.”

The training sessions and matches of the new Antwerp Diamonds FC will take place in the Nachtegalenpark from the new season. The A-squad is coached by 24-year-old Indyana Van Camp, herself a gifted football talent.

“We are counting on the support and knowledge of Sofie Gierts and Sven Van Den Abbeele for the further professionalization of the club,” said Vercammen. “Their vision and experiences in the sports world are of gold value to us. In the long run we want to advance to the higher series, but the main aim remains to be the largest and nicest club in Antwerp that offers women’s football. We want to provide a breath of fresh air with new sponsors and new ideas.”

Berchem Sport did not want to definitively confirm the split from the women’s team before all agreements, points and commas are on paper.

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