Berg en Dal player Sander Vereijken with the action past Anthony Gabriels.

Berg en Dal player Sander Vereijken with the action past Anthony Gabriels. © Mpics

Berg en Dal came out on top in the top match against Tisselt. The visitors put in a solid performance, but the home team clearly forced the most and the best chances. After a goal against in the final minutes, it was still a bit shivering, but the victory was no longer in danger.

Berg en Dal started the match excellently and in the second minute Van Pol headed the opening goal against the nets. “We managed to get into the lead early for two weeks in a row,” laughed Jentl Van Krunkelsven. “The trainer asked us to start fast and certainly to use the flanks well. The assignment was executed excellently. Such an early goal naturally brings peace and confidence. We won many duels and controlled the game. It was certainly not the case that we outplayed Tisselt. The visitors showed why they are spinning at the top. They formed a solid whole and had come down to take their chance. We forced a few more opportunities to double the numbers, but it cannot be right every time.”

That second goal only followed deep into the second half, after a strong period from the visitors. “During the break we agreed to play well in block and to give little space away”, Van Krunkelsven continues. “Tisselt was allowed to gain more ball possession, but the best chances were once again for us. The goal was in the air and after an excellent free kick from Jarno Molenberghs I headed in the 2-0. In the closing minutes we conceded another goal via a questionable penalty. But come on, the points are in and that’s important. Last year we lost the toppers against Geel and Wezel. That should not happen to us again. So this is really a success, something that we are committed to”, Van Krunkelsven concluded.

Aziz Moutawikil did the honors from the sporting staff. “This is a welcome win after a difficult week. We were plagued with injuries. The players have put in a collectively strong performance, in a very mature way. Will there be more pressure because of the leading position? Everyone labeled Berg en Dal as the title favourite. That’s why that pressure is always there. If you aim high, you have to be able to deal with that anyway”, the assistant coach put into perspective.

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