Bernard Smeets future T1 of Visé and Gaston Lejeune coach of the goalkeepers?

José Riga and URSL Visé have been separated for several weeks now. The resumption of training is set for early July but there is still no white smoke regarding the future coach at the Cité de l’Oie. “And we’re not going to decide yetlaunches President Guy Thiry. We have to think about the sporting aspect but also the financial aspect.”

However, according to our information, contacts are very advanced with the former T2 of José Riga, Bernard Smeets. The 47-year-old is a Pro License holder and has already worked in the Belgian first division, notably at Standard de Liège where he was assistant to … Riga. “He has been at the club for several years, it is logical that we discuss with him”is content to say Guy Thiry when asked about it.

If Bernard Smeets is appointed T1 in the coming days or weeks, Visé will have to choose a new deputy. The name of Didier Degueldre, who scouts for the club and who also has coaching experience, is circulating… Stéphane Delhalle, the current U21 coach is also on the shelves of the presidents.

To train the goalkeepers, the club spoke with Gaston Lejeune, who has just retired after a last adventure in Malmundaria, in P1 Liège. A year ago, leaving Wiltz (Luxembourg), he had nevertheless declared that he would no longer train at national level. He could therefore find the land … and the semi-pro world.

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