Jimmy and Kim kissing in chapter 9 (Photo: Sony Pictures Animation)

Chapter 9 of “Better Call Saul 6″ He left his fans heartbroken after the fate of Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) was revealed. The AMC series, which is already available on Netflix, began to answer one of the spin-off’s big questions: Where is Kim in “Breaking Bad”? With a harsh resolution, the episode released on Tuesday, July 19, made the expected connection between the two series, with a funeral and the symbolic death of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk).

From this point on, spoilers for season 6 of the show are unavoidable. Part 2 of this installment started with the end of the conflict between Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) and Lalo Salamanca. What everyone expected was confirmed: Tony Dalton’s character lost to the cold intelligence of the owner of “Los Pollos Hermanos”.

Another key point of this last batch of episodes of the series was the murder of Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) at the hands of Salamanca. Despite the cleanliness of the equipment Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks), Lalo and Howard’s deaths have repercussions inescapable in the protagonists.

Y the “Fun and Games” episode of “Better Call Saul” he showed them masterfully, with an apparently anticlimactic atmosphere or, in any case, with a landscape of charged clouds before the storm. That’s how the time came culminate the stage of Jimmy McGill and welcome Saul Goodman and “Breaking Bad”.

Jimmy and Kim kissing in chapter 9 (Photo: Sony Pictures Animation)


Meryl Streep and Laurence Oliver

Jimmy and Kim go about their day as if Howard Hamlin hadn’t been murdered. In his living room. The lawyers attend their cases, have breakfast, talk, while Mike and his people clean up the blood and bullets.

With the indications of the former police officer, the protagonists become Meryl Streep and Laurence Olivier. Jimmy also finished almost all the finishes of his new Saul Goodman y Asociados office.. “I know it was expensive but it was worth it, right?”Francesca (Nadine Marissa) asks him. “Yes. Of course”Jimmy replies.

Jimmy and Francesca in the last details of their office (Photo: Sony Pictures Animation)
Jimmy and Francesca in the last details of their office (Photo: Sony Pictures Animation)

Don Eladio reappears with Héctor Salamanca

In the evening, Gustavo Fring arrives at Don Eladio’s farm, who has summoned him at the request of Héctor Salamanca, who is flanked by his nephews Leonel and Marco. The Salamanca cousins ​​have transcribed a message from his uncle in which he accuses Gustavo of having attacked Lalo, who is missing. He asks for blood for blood.

Fring, without losing her composure, replies that she has nothing to say about it. and, despite the insistence of Héctor’s bell, Eladio settles the matter and assures the smuggler that, as don Héctor said in his letter, he still sees hatred in his eyes against him, which is not bad either. when he leaves, Gustavo looks at the pool where Héctor murdered his partner Max Arciniega.

Don Eladio in "Better Call Saul 6" (Photo: Sony Pictures Animation)
Don Eladio in “Better Call Saul 6” (Photo: Sony Pictures Animation)

Mike visits Nacho’s father

By keeping the evidence on IgnacioMike Ehrmantraut remembers Nacho’s father and decides to visit him to inform him that his son has died, without pain. Despite the calm and precise words, Manuel Varga rejects it hearing the word Justice which Mike assures him that the Salamanca family will receive. The working man despises him by telling him that it is called revenge and making him understand, in Spanish, that the Frings and the Salamancas are the same.

Jonathan Banks as Mike in "Better Call Saul" (Photo: Sony Pictures Television)
Jonathan Banks as Mike in “Better Call Saul” (Photo: Sony Pictures Television)

Gustavo Fring, wine and confirmation of his sexuality

Another of the notable points of “Fun and games” is what could be taken as a confirmation: Gustavo Fring is gay. Something that viewers have been suspecting since “Breaking Bad”, for her relationship with Maxit seems that it has been, in the end, revealed in “Better Call Saul” and it has been done in a subtle way.

After the tense meeting with Héctor Salamanca and Don Eladio, Gustavo takes refuge in a luxurious wine bar where he is recognized as a regular customer.. Within a few seconds, the sommelier David approaches him and begins to tell him a story about a wine and, in what seems like a banal story, the complicity between the two men is hidden, an atmosphere that has shed more light on Gustavo’s sexuality, hidden from the poster for reasons that are already known.

Gustavo Fring at the place where Max was killed (Photo: Sony Pictures Television)
Gustavo Fring at the place where Max was killed (Photo: Sony Pictures Television)

Howard’s funeral

Nothing more terrible than a funeral without a body present. Thus was Howard Hamlin’s farewell at the HHM building, a law firm destroyed in every conceivable way. Jimmy and Kim, following their roles, attend the ceremony in tribute to who they believe committed suicide after suffering a crisis due to his addiction to cocaine.

This version is not credible for Cheryl Hamlin, Howard’s wife, who will rebuke the married couple that they were the last to see him and that there is something else behind this. And she will also reprimand Jimmy about the tricks and tricks he played on her. While Saul will open his heart to talk about Howard and his brother Chuck, Kim will continue with the addiction plan and convince the woman that her husband was a drug addict. There is the break between Jimmy and Kim: the fun is over, the end of the game.

Kim Wexler before her resolution on "Better Call Saul" (Photo: Sony Pictures Television)
Kim Wexler before her resolution in “Better Call Saul” (Photo: Sony Pictures Television)

Kim stops being a lawyer and Jimmy becomes Saul Goodman

Finally, Kim Wexler has decided to stop being a lawyer after attending Howard’s funeral. This, of course, reached the ears of Jimmy, who hurried back to his house at night to confront his wife. Exasperated and confused, he proposes that they move, that they rest from everything and that she can later return to the law, her life.

Nevertheless, Kim will have her final resolution, the one she was building when her romance with Jimmy began: she was just doing it for fun. Yes, she loves him, but there are no more games, especially after the damage they did to Howard. Kim assures that love is not enough for them to stay together and she leaves the house. She already had her bags packed before Jimmy arrived. It seems irreversible.

Thus, in a miraculous ellipsis, Jimmy McGill had his full transformation into Saul Goodman and “Better Call Saul” got its transition into “Breaking Bad.” The time jump has been made and, from here, you can only expect what really happened with the lawyer after the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

Saul Goodman, alone, in his palace of cases, in "Better Call Saul" (Photo: Sony Pictures Animation)
Saul Goodman, alone, in his palace of cases, in “Better Call Saul” (Photo: Sony Pictures Animation)


The last six episodes of Season 6 of “Better Call Saul” can be seen first in in United States. Then, it will be available on the streaming platform where the previous chapters are located and also “breaking bad”. episodes premiere Tuesdays until August 1, when it reaches its end.

When does the 10×6 chapter of ‘Better Call Saul’ premiere and what is its name?

New episodes of “Better Call Saul” premiere every Monday on AMC’s cable signal. Then, on Tuesdays they are streamed via Netflix at the following times:

  • 2:00 am (Peru, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia time)
  • 3:00 a.m. (Chile)
  • 4:00 a.m. (Argentina)
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