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Both former players, who seek to break through as coaches, were invited by the ANFP to participate in the second formative instance that this team has had.

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Although both are retired from soccer, both Esteban Paredes and Mark González will never be able to say goodbye to the ball. And it is that both, linked in history by that mythical goal against Switzerland with which Chile managed to qualify for the round of 16 in South Africa 2010, are already trying to take their first steps as coaches.

Both belong to the most recent group of recently retired players who seek to be linked to the sport as coaches. A litter taught by Matías Fernández on his Instagram, where you could also see players like Jorge Valdivia, Jean Beausejour or Rafael Olarra, who are taking the INAF course.

However, as Paredes or Mark already have titles, they were invited by the ANFP to carry out the second Masterclass that is given to the Under 15s. An instance in which Jean Beusejour and Luis Jiménez previously participated and in which they are being sought give formative concepts to young people who are taking their first steps.

In the activity it was possible to see Paredes and Mark very active, playing with the boys and enjoying the activity a lot. Something that they ratified with what was indicated later. Paredes stated that “it was a very nice experience, very motivating. It fills me with pride to be able to train with the boys. I had never done it before.”

“The initiative they are doing is very good and positive for the future. It is to be hoped that more legends of our football will come, since it will be very useful for the boys for the development of their future,” he added.

Mark González, meanwhile, stated that “it seems to me a tremendous initiative. We are talking about children who are preparing for what is coming later and I think it is a good way to instill in them training from an early age,” he said.

“Besides, what better than to do it with former players who have come to contribute our grain of sand in each other’s positions and create those concepts that we were learning and applying only in our twenties”, he valued.

“I felt very comfortable. I am doing the coaching course and the truth is that I experienced it differently. Before, he sees it as somewhat complicated, but the truth is that there was a lot of respect and willingness and it is to be hoped that it will not be the last time,” he concluded. .

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