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World Cup Qatar 2022

Claudio Borghi spoke with Redgol to tell what he expects from Argentina’s debut against Saudi Arabia this Tuesday and about the life he found in the Asian country, where so far he has not found anything very strange.

Borghi raised the cup, a privilege that only champions can do
© instagramBorghi raised the cup, a privilege that only champions can do

Claudio Borghi bought a down jacket and traveled to Qatar to comment on world. A tournament that he knew how to win in 1986 together with Argentina, so he hopes that the Albiceleste will be able to repeat a good performance to emulate what that cast did with Diego Armando Maradona at the helm.

“I arrived in Qatar a week and a day ago. I’m on Telemundo. Here, of all the things that have been said, nothing happened. Life is quite normal, although as in every country that one visits, one must get used to its laws, its ways, but there are no difficulties. It’s all easy”, said Bichi in dialogue with Redgol.

He recalled that it is not the first time he has visited that country. “I came to Qatar when it was very hot. Now we still use windbreaks, because there is air conditioning everywhere. For example, in the opening game my teammates were cold, it is a refrigerated stadium,” she said.

He also indicates that “there are many new constructions and few people. They see more foreigners. There is a lot of money invested in what are constructions, highways. I went for a walk in the desert, which was quite strange. The most striking thing is that there are few people on the streets walking and at 5 in the afternoon it starts to get dark”.

It also indicates that “everything is quite expensive and the most complex of all is alcohol. It is sold, yes, there are foreigners with special cards to buy, although it is also found in international hotels or restaurants, although it is expensive. But you can have a drink”.

La Albiceleste

Regarding Argentina’s debut this Tuesday against Saudi Arabia (7 in the morning in Chile), he assures that there is a lot of expectation in the people and in his workplace, “because we are a Latin chain and pending the results.”

In this regard, he indicates that “Argentina and Brazil are the hopes, we’ll see what the World Cup holds for us”, although he emphasizes that perhaps not all the meat will be thrown on the grill in the coming days. “In the second round the World Cup begins, in the first round it is different in quantity and quality of players”, he comments.

He also knows that it may be Lionel Messi’s last World Cup, a special issue for trans-Andean people. For the Bichi, maybe it is not so. “There are many who, due to age, can play their last World Cup, despite the fact that today they play a little longer despite their advanced age,” he explained.

Finally, a team that can advance a lot without being among the great favorites was at stake. “There are always surprises in the World Cups. I like Belgium, they did well in the last World Cup. Now many play with a line of three and they already did it in Russia 2018,” Borghi closed.

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