Roberto Gutiérrez reacted in this way at the moment of the goal.

Roberto Gutiérrez, a soccer player from Cobreloa, gave his impression of what happened in the match against Santiago Wanderers in which they managed to tie thanks to a goal from David Escalante that did not enter the goal.

© Capture TNT SportsRoberto Gutiérrez reacted in this way at the moment of the goal.

The eyes of Chilean soccer and more than one astonished international level are on what happened at the Zorros del Desierto stadium where Cobreloa managed to draw 1-1 against Santiago Wanderers thanks to a ghost goal by David Escalante that allowed them to rescue a point in condition of local.

There are many criticisms that have been made, especially to the referee Patricio Blanca and his assistant Cristian Espíndola, for the decision taken in the face of an action in which the ball obviously did not cross the goal line but in the absence of VAR there was no way to review it.

For one of the experienced members of the Calama team, Roberto Gutiérrez, the situation is clear but there is little to do. “Regardless of what happened, I don’t know if the goal they charged Iquique was given so much importance, some teams are given more and others less,” he told Redgol.

The absence of assistance to the referee through technology is something that affects when making these decisions. “The game is established that way, there is no VAR, sometimes it will touch you and sometimes another team. That’s it,” said the footballer about a new controversy in the First B.

Despite that, he sees how well his team did in the match. “What remains for us is to focus on what we did in yesterday’s game, in the second half we were overwhelming, their goalkeeper was a figure of the game, we had up to five chances and we were not given the chance to win it. end of the game we were left with the frustration of those two points that we couldn’t at home”.

“There is a lot of tournament left, we have seen a lot in football, we have two pending games. It happened to me with Católica in 2010 when we were 10 points away with five dates left and we were able to turn around and be champions. What leaves us calm is that the The team ended up playing well and it leaves us more calm to continue working,” said Gutiérrez about what is coming to Cobreloa.

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