Blocking of the regional headquarters of the MPAs: “the wages of a subcontractor have been unpaid for months”

About twenty delegates and permanent staff of the CSC Transcom (logistics and transport) blocked access to the headquarters of the MPAs on the industrial estate of Jumet this Thursday morning. At issue: the non-payment of salaries and overtime for the staff of Team Logistics, a subcontractor in charge of delivering press orders to booksellers and distributors.

On the spot, two drivers from the SME confide that they have not been paid since September. “Two whole months are due to us”, observe Medhi and Vivian. The latter claims to have never received a single euro from his employer. “It is to denounce excesses like these that we are taking this action” indicate Michel Gretzer and Stéphane Daussaint of CSC Transcom.

Charleroi AMPs, which distribute press and magazines, blocked this Thursday by the CSC: “workers have not been paid for months”

The permanent employees regret that the AMPs which constitute a subsidiary of the BPost group did not intervene to put an end to this exploitation. According to Medhi, “Between 100 and 150 people provided services on behalf of Team Logistics without being paid. Short-term contracts, sometimes a week, bogus self-employed…”

Information taken from BPost, the commercial collaboration with the SME ended at the beginning of this month, due to numerous failures. “Some distribution services were no longer carried out. If we are sensitive to the difficulties experienced by the workers of our subcontractor, we do not have the power to ensure that the social and wage obligations of our business partners are fulfilled”, says Laura Cerrada Crespo, spokesperson for Bpost group. According to her, “all invoices sent by Team Logistics have been settled. We have therefore fulfilled our responsibilities as principal. ”

CSC Transcom demands immediate payment of arrears. “We ask that the staff of Team Logistics be able to urgently obtain the social documents essential to the exercise of their right to unemployment. Finally, we demand that collaborations with this type of company cease and that guarantees be given on the respect of payment deadlines for workers, their well-being and their safety. ”

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