Press release from Boca Juniors after the complaint against Sebastián Villa.

About 12 hours after the serious complaint against Sebastián Villa for gender-based violence, sexual abuse and attempted femicide became known, Boca Juniors published a statement on its website to express itself in this regard, although does not specify if the Colombian striker will be removed from the squad or if, on the contrary, he will be able to play this Saturday’s match against Racing, for the semifinal of the Professional League Cup.

“Boca Juniors informs the members of the club, fans, the media and the general public, that the department of Inclusion and Equality of the institution is now available for the episode involving the player Sebastián Villa”, begins the letter, which was released around midnight this Friday.

Then, the institution “once again ratifies its total commitment in situations of gender and equalityas stated in the club’s first Protocol for action in cases of Gender-Based Violence, Gender Identity and/or Sexual Orientation, approved on August 12 by the Board of Directors Assembly.

“As in every situation involving a person from the club, Boca Juniors makes itself available, provides the corresponding accompaniment and redoubles its efforts to continue growing as an institution in the values ​​that inspired the current protocol and that is based on essential application principles such as prevention, advice and assistance, respect and privacy, confidentiality, among others”, he closes.

Press release from Boca Juniors after the complaint against Sebastián Villa.

In this way, everything seems to indicate that the 25-year-old footballer will be the starter in this Saturday’s confrontation between Sebastián Battaglia’s team and Fernando Gago’s team, who will face each other from 5:00 p.m. at the Lanús Stadium.

Another complaint against Sebastián Villa for gender violence

A new complaint for gender violence has Boca Juniors striker Sebastián Villa as the protagonist. The coffee attacker, who has a pending trial for abuse of his ex-partnerwas accused by a young woman of rape and attempted murder.

The case is filed in the Court of Guarantees 2 of Esteban Echeverría and Villa is charged with the crimes of sexual abuse with carnal access and attempted murder.

The young woman recounted in the criminal complaint that she began seeing Villa in 2020, during the pandemic, but the alleged assault occurred on June 26 of last year when, as she specified, both were returning from sharing a meal and he, allegedly drunk, got violent.

In that complaint, the young woman pointed out that he began to physically assault her when they returned from a meal in a house in a country house and also maintained that there had been previous acts of psychological violence.



“Arrivals approximately 10 pm Sebastian had ingested a large amount of alcohol and although I was used to seeing him in that state, he began to make a scene of jealousy at me because I had – according to the defendant – an encounter with a fellow member of the staff. In the course of this scene, the tone of his voice began to rise and consequently to become more violent than usual, which is why, this circumstance made us leave the house/farm where the roast was held, this shortly after approximately 10 p.m.,” said the complainant.

From there, as he specified, they went to Villa’s house, where there were more people who had been invited by a person close to the striker. Shortly after, only she, Villa and the soccer player’s security, nicknamed “Vikingo”, remained. At that moment, she recounted, she began “the worst situation of his life“.

“We were in bed because we were going to sleep like a regular night, Sebastian had had more than 1 Bottle of Whiskey. He was caressing me on the face, when he suddenly becomes violent, he squeezes my jaw and the back of my neck, slaps me and says ‘did you like my colleagues?’ “, Indicated the complainant.

He also assured that at that moment he hit her once more and prevented her from leaving, closing the door.

Recounting the violent situation, the woman crudely detailed: “He seemed to be enjoying the situation, he played with the intensity of his strength, while he told me to stop the nonsense and not to go away, applying greater intensity to the leg grab and lowering it to try to convince me, this situation becomes a grab at my hip with which threw me on the bed“.

After recounting the violation, the complainant maintained that “once the sexual submission” he started to “cry uncontrollably”. “I begged him to let me goto which he told me that I could not retire until I calm down,” he added.

The young woman also said that the footballer He offered him $5,000 so he wouldn’t file a complaint. and she has recorded the conversations where he asks her to forget “everything that happened”. After the incident, she was treated at the Penna Hospital and the doctors recommended that she file a complaint, but she refused because she was “afraid.”


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