Boris Johnson's revelations: 'Germany was hoping for a quick defeat of Ukraine'

He is no longer at the head of the United Kingdom but that does not prevent Boris Johnson from continuing to be talked about. And it’s not the last interview he gave to CNN that will contradict him.

The former British Prime Minister made some surprising secrets there. Indeed, Boris Johnson returned to the conflict in Ukraine and its beginnings. He thus states that just before the war broke out on February 24, Germany hoped that all this would end quickly and that Ukraine “lose and fold quickly”so that the conflict does not get bogged down.

The ex-British leader details: “I couldn’t support that, I thought that was a disastrous way of looking at it. But I can understand why German leaders thought and felt that.”. He mentions in particular economic reasons which already greatly worried the German authorities.

Note that Germany is not the only country singled out by Johnson. He takes the case of Italy, which had also announced its intention not to collaborate, due to its dependence “massive” to Russian hydrocarbons. France, she “didn’t want to realize the gravity of the situation”adds Boris Johnson.

However, far from overwhelming these states, the former British Prime Minister especially welcomes the fact that in the end, all the European countries have managed to agree and put in place sanctions against Russia. “I am really grateful for the way the EU has handled its response to the conflict. European countries have stood together. The sanctions we have taken are very severe”he says.

But what was the trigger for this turnaround? “What happened was that everyone – Germans, French, Italians, everyone, (US President) Joe Biden – saw that there was simply no another choice. Because you couldn’t negotiate with this guy (Editor’s note: Vladimir Putin). That’s the key point.”says Boris Johnson.

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