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Botafogo striker outlines ‘pressure’ on Textor in search of financial valuation

Botafogo striker outlines 'pressure' on Textor in search of financial valuation

Botafogo does not have the season that fans expected when the year began. At the moment, the team led by the Portuguese Luís Castro is in 12th position in the Brazilian championship and does not compete in any other competition, so the pressure to perform better increases.

At the beginning of the year, the newest majority owner of Botafogo’s shares, John Textor, ‘opened his wallet’ and placed Bota at the top of the list of teams that spent the most on signings, but it was one that will be ‘cheap’ next year. standing out in recent games. The striker Jeffinho appears as a reliable option of good performance to the coach.

Botafogo has already indicated that it will exercise the option to buy the player, in November, for about R$ 1.2 million and definitively acquire the striker, but according to information from the Extra portal, this is not enough for the athlete’s staff. . This is because the attacker has been receiving several national and international proposals with much more interesting figures than the current ones.

The player’s staff has spent the last few weeks evaluating international projects, especially in Portugal, and has already spent time with both Resende and Botafogo. who wants to work the athlete on the highest shelf of football, with ambitions for Europe and the national team. With a very late salary, and consequently a low termination fine, Jeffinho waits for Botafogo to exercise the purchase to have the contractual situation with the club adjusted“, reveals the portal.

Extra also adds that Botafogo welcomes a (deserved) financial appreciation of the attackerbut coach Luís Castro wants to be patient with the rise of a young player.

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