Qatar 2022 World Cup: TV channels in Peru and other Latin American countries that will broadcast the highest FIFA tournament

The criticisms around World Cup Qatar 2022 They have distracted attention from the main focus of this contest throughout its editions: the football festival. And in this festivity they seek to know how the players arrive, which teams are best prepared and, of course, the predictions of who will win the precious cup, as well as the lottery and chance, as was the case at the time the ‘Octopus Paul’.

The common fan has his own ways of choosing his favorites: relying on the image of the star of the winning team or taking into account the number of previous victories of the country he chooses; one way or another he finds there is always a way to pick his favorite team. However, now science also provides a prediction, supposedly without margin of error.

It is a mathematical model developed by the University of Oxford that has already predicted which team will win the World Cup Qatar 2022.

The English university’s research design, created by Joshua Bull, determined that the country most likely to win Qatar 2022 it is Brazilwith a 14.72% probability.

In the forecast that gives Brazil the winner, the mathematical model indicates that England will lose in the quarterfinals, Argentina lose to Brazil in the semifinal and Brazil beat Belgium in the final.

But Brazil It is not the only Latin American country with a high probability of winning the World Cup, the other candidate is Argentina with with 14.36%.

And if we base ourselves on this mathematical model from the University of Oxford, the Qatar 2022 World Cup stays in Latin America, because the Netherlands is far behind the South American countries with 7.84%, Spain (7.03%) and France (6.37%).

The top 10 countries with high probability have one more South American: Belgium (6.37%), Portugal (5.60%), Denmark (4.94%), Germany (3.84%) and Uruguay (3.55%).

Oxford University explained that the model simulated the group stages a million times and took the most common results. The algorithm then simulated each knockout game 100,000 times.

“The model has been created by analyzing team rating data from Elo Ratings, focusing on all first team international matches since 2018″they pointed out.

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Discover HERE which are the television channels that will have the rights to broadcast all the matches of the Qatar 2022 World Cup in Peru and the rest of Latin America.

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