What does Romelu Lukaku’s future look like at Chelsea? Uncertain for now. Federico Pastorello, the real estate agent of big romhas featured in the Italian newspaper La Republica elated about the situation of the Belgian striker. “We never expected the situation to be what it is today,” Pastorello said.

Jonas Withouck

Romelu Lukaku’s return to Chelsea has been a major disappointment. Our compatriot was brought in through the big gate for an impressive amount of 113 million euros, but was anything but a permanent fixture in Thomas Tuchel’s team. The German coach often preferred Kai Havertz and sometimes let his compatriot Timo Werner play more.

Of course, Lukaku himself had expected more opportunities to play. He has been linked several times, especially in Italian media, to a return to Inter, but according to his broker, that is not the case. “A lot of fuss about nothing,” Pastorello called it Friday in the Italian newspaper La Republica† “He carries the club and the fans in his heart. He never hid that. Just like the love for Anderlecht, where he would still like to end his career.”

“Given the size of the transfer, we never expected the situation to be as it is now,” Pastorello added. “I don’t want to talk about tactical choices, but clearly there has been a problem. If you just look at the numbers, Lukaku is the club’s top scorer with fewer minutes played per goal compared to the other players.”

“At this point, we should not engage in negotiations yet,” Pastorello said. “Chelsea is in the middle of a takeover and we don’t know the new owners yet. We’ll have to wait. At the moment, Lukaku is also 100 percent focused on the team, because there are still important games on the program. We haven’t talked about anything else yet.”


Tuchel: “Evaluate the situation before making a decision”

At his press conference, Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel responded in his well-known style. “If he plans to talk to the new owner, then maybe it’s not his plan to talk to me,” said the German. “Let’s see if he can get a meeting. It is his right and we will evaluate each player’s situation before making a decision, including Romelu’s.”

The FA Cup final against Liverpool is scheduled for Saturday. Last week, Lukaku was allowed to start two league games in a row – that was since January – and he scored three goals. And yet it is not certain that he will kick off in Wembley on Saturday.

“Havertz and Lukaku can kick off together, but the last few times we’ve tried, they lacked the perfect feeling you expect from a striker duo,” said Tuchel. “It will be one of the two. Romelu has played the past matches and he has also scored. So he did everything he could on the field. Saturday we will make a final decision.”


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