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Bruno Barticciotto is on loan again to Palestino, where he hopes to show off his offensive talents. “10 clubs wanted me,” commented the son of the remembered Marcelo Pablo.

Bruno Barticciotto decided to return to Palestino after playing little at UC
© Agency OneBruno Barticciotto decided to return to Palestino after playing little at UC

Bruno Barticciotto he came back to Palestinianclub where he played in 2021, after in Catholic University This year he did not have the option of adding a lot of participation: he only accumulated 119 minutes in five games played in the National Championship, plus 23 minutes in two Copa Libertadores games.

The Barti boy spoke with Radio Cooperativa, where his father Marcelo Pablo was among the commentators, and confessed his feeling about the new departure from San Carlos de Apoquindo.

“I returned to Católica because they told me that I was going to have possibilities, to be taken into account, we discussed it with the DT and the leadership. If not, I would have left at the beginning of the year. But it was the opposite, I almost had no opportunities” , he regretted his first semester.

In fact, he said that in this transfer market “of the 16 teams, there were 10 teams that called me. The option to leave involved some payment, that Catholic asked for, money, and Palestino was the one that pushed the most. Besides, I wanted to go “.

He said that “the loan is with a charge and at the end of the year, Palestino can execute the purchase option. There the contract with Católica is forgotten, but if that does not happen, he would be with UC until the end of 2024.”

He said that he spoke with the new DT, Gustavo Costas, who “told me the typical thing, he did not specify much, but I have to earn the position like anywhere else. It does not assure me anything that they have paid for me.”

Barti also stated that he moves along the entire front of the attack. “I played practically since I was 15 years old, always as a 9 in the inferiors of Católica. When I went to Palestino for the first time they took me as a 9, for what I did in the inferiors, but I arrived and started playing as a pointer, which suited me quite a bit. After In the middle of the semester we played with two strikers and I centralized myself,” he said.

He indicates about this that “both positions suit me, perhaps I like to play as a 9 with another next to me, to be two up. But I still like to go outside, only that it changes my way of playing. My greatest virtues are power, ability, one on one. From three quarters up I can play in all attacking positions”.

Finally, he referred to the option of ever playing in Colo Colo, where his father is an idol. “I don’t know if I’m projecting that, it’s what everyone says, but I don’t see much of myself in the future. I have expectations of playing internationally, but also any big team like Colo Colo will always be an option. I don’t close the doors on him to any team,” he said.

Barti can perform again at the Tino this Sunday, in the Chile Cup, when the Arabs face Cobreloa. If he is not considered, he will have to wait for the first date of the national tournament, where he will play against Unión Española.

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