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Cruzeiro is getting closer and closer to returning to Serie A and the Second Title could come with a record-breaking

Cruzeiro wins another one, approaches Atlético’s record and Bruno Rodrigues is consecrated
© Agif/Fernando Moreno – Bruno Rodrigues started the scoring for CruzeiroCruzeiro wins another one, approaches Atlético’s record and Bruno Rodrigues is consecrated

Cruzeiro beat Tombense this Saturday (6), at Mineirão. The clash between Minas Gerais in Serie B was won by the blue side, with goals from Bruno Rodrigues and Daniel Jr. Dominant in the tournament, Cabuloso opens a nine-point lead to the second place and can beat Former Atletico Mineiro brand.

Despite the strong pressure from Raposa since the beginning of the game, the goal would only come in the second stage. in good move Bruno Rodriguesshirt 9 cut the marker to put the ball at the bottom of the string, at 3 of the 2nd time. Daniel Jr.who had been appearing in the attack, managed to beat the opponent for the persistence. In Bidu’s play on the left wing, the striker received inside the area to expand in the 23rd minute of the final stage. Cruise 2 to 0 and even more leader from Serie B.

In a consistent campaign in Segundona, Cruzeiro reached the 11th victory at home in the competition. Criciúma, in 2012, reached a similar mark, being surpassed only by Atlético Mineiro, which in 2006 won 12 straight home games. In addition to fighting for the title and access to Serie B, Cruzeiro still has the opportunity to surpass this old feat of the Minas Gerais rival.

The opportunity to match Atletico will come next Saturday, August 13th, against the Chapecoense. Due to the period in which Mineirão will be stopped for maintenance, the match will be held at the stadium Mané Garrincha. With an eye on Raposa’s signings, Cabuloso will probably be able to count on the reinforcements Wesley Gasolina and Lincoln.

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