But why didn't Alpine stop Fernando Alonso?

ANDhe Sunday with which we officially closed the 21-22 season has been outrageous. Finals, promotions, emotions, tears… and a desperationthat of the Spanish fans of Formula 1 with Alpine, a team that could sponsor jugs of cold water and it would come in handy.

Alpine steals our illusion

But why didn’t Alpine stop Alonso? The podium was difficult and we knew it, but the rush we had to see Fernando on the front row deserved a different end of the weekend. what a slump

Tavares as Gulliver

The comparison is not mine, but it seems unbeatable. Tavares was GulliverHe grabbed uncontested rebounds, simply raising his arms and drawing the balls as if he had gravity of his own. I finished the guy with a 41 rating and with a little hole in the history of Real Madrid. Which is no small thing.

MVP Tavares is the most decisive player in Europe: 24 points, 13 rebounds and a PIR of 41

Marc Gasol, the owner of the rise

Marc had one last trick left. With his Girona in descent, he decided to go down from the office to the track and leaves it in ACB after an impressive season, defeating ultra-favorite Estudiantes in the grand final. A myth, a hero.

Laso’s best trophy

We were wondering where Laso was watching the match when he suddenly appeared in a corner of the park, with a smile on his face. Supported by his team, those who have won the title with his coach and for his coach, Pablo returned to where he belongs, where we like to see him, on the track. Llull, in the most intimate moment for a captain, when he is left alone with the trophy before sharing it with his teammates, had a feat and handed over the honor to his coach.

The video of the final: this is how Laso celebrated the Madrid title

Long live the penalty shootouts… or seven meters

There is no afternoon that does not improve a penalty shootout. In the newsroom, even if we are putting out a fire or attending to a colleague who has split his head open, the voice of “PENALTIES” inevitably draws us to the television closest to Javier Domnguez to watch the round together, almost embracing as if we were on the courton the midfield line. Bara handball was proclaimed champion of Europe from seven meters and thanks to the bug Alex Dujshebayev in a beautiful batch. As all.

Another high from Mchel

I went up to his RayI went up to Huescaand has gone up to Girona. Michel is a wonderful person and a wonderful coach. The best ambassador of Vallecas is also an idol in Girona and giving lessons on promotion education as he has given throughout the year, trying to respond to journalists in Catalan, uniting a group with complicated personalities… A genius.

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