Byron Castillo case: FIFA regulations bury Ecuador and open an option for Chile to go to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Byron Castillo has all of South America on top after Chile made a formal complaint to FIFA. This Thursday La Roja revealed that it presented the background to the highest soccer entity to obtain the points and qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

After the player’s nationality was questioned, which, as confirmed by the authorities, is Colombian and not Ecuadorianfrom the Soccer Federation of our country they moved to go to claim the six units that revive the illusion of being in the planetary event.

Although there is still much to be clarified by the entities, the truth is that the regulations are beginning to play a fundamental role: these will be the supports for Chile to request the points and thus qualify for Qatar.

The document of the organization of the FIFA World Cup 2022 It clearly details the requirements that each country must meet when registering players in the preliminary phase. In article 7, letter A of this, it states that “all players will have the nationality of the country they represent and will be subject to its jurisdiction“.

In it, they emphasize that “the federations will be responsible for fielding only players who meet the established requirements. If they contravene this provision, they must assume the consequences stipulated in the FIFA Disciplinary Code”.

In fact, in article 19.3, each country is left with the task of making passports official (the only valid document as proof of identity and nationality). “On the eve of the match, the participating member federations will present to the match commissioner the valid permanent international passport, issued by the authorities of the country of the participating member federation, of each and every one of the players.”

Being a documentation problem, not only the player would be involved in the problem, but also the Ecuadorian Football Federation itself. This, since they are directly responsible for these types of irregularities not occurring and could even be accused of being accomplices in falsifying documents.

FIFA disciplinary codes favor Chile in its claim for Byron Castillo

Although the FIFA regulations make it clear that the requirements set forth above must be met in the preliminary phase, in Ecuador they seek all forms of defense. It is there where the FIFA Disciplinary Code also enters the game.

According to the above, the falsification of data can leave a punishment for both the player and the country involved. In its article 21 it details that “Any person who, in the context of any football-related activity, creates a false document, falsifies an existing document or uses a falsified document will be penalized with a fine and suspension. that lasts at least six games or a certain period that in no case will be less than twelve months (…)

“Federations or clubs may be held responsible for the falsification of documents committed by their officials and/or players“, he adds in point 2. The situation is beginning to be clear in terms of regulations, but all this will depend on whether the complaint can be validated by FIFA.

Conmebol regulations leave the points to Chile and Ecuador cannot do anything before a FIFA official

One of Ecuador’s main defenses in this case is that the reporting period has passed. Although the Conmebol Disciplinary Code establishes a period of 24 hours after the match, the truth is that if FIFA decides to act ex officio, they can be sanctioned without any problem.

As if that were not enough, the document itself establishes the punishments that are risked in case of not complying with the requirements. For example, with article 12.M, where it is specified as punishable conduct “to enter in the match report or line up a player who is not eligible to play in the match throughout the match.”

The same Disciplinary Code also clarifies the sanction in terms of points, the main reason for the Chilean claim. Byron Castillo was in the two qualifying matches against La Roja, so there would be six units that enter and give the direct ticket to Qatar 2022.

“In the event that a player actually participates in an official match (playing on the field of play) in an official match for which he is not eligible (improper line-up), your team may be penalized with a finding of liability or negligence and a USD fine. 5,000 minimum. Said player may also be sanctioned if the CONMEBOL Disciplinary Commission considers it so,” the document clarifies.

From the regulatory side, everything runs in favor of Chile and against Ecuador. Of course, for all this to have weight, it must first be confirmed that the data registered on Byron Castillo in the Tri are false. If so, the punishment and the steps to follow will be in the hands of FIFA, with our country hoping to take the place in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

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