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Wilson Carabalí, the father of the Colo Colo goalkeeper and a connoisseur of the cradle of Ecuadorian soccer, spoke with RedGol and is sure that it will be impossible for Chile to take away the points from the team from half the planet. He even reveals an anecdote of Omar himself.

Omar Carabalí's father believes that Chile's claim for Ecuador will come to nothing.
© ONE AgencyOmar Carabalí’s father believes that Chile’s claim for Ecuador will come to nothing.

Wilson Carabalithe former Ecuadorian defender and father of the Colo Colo goalkeeper, Omar Carabalireferred to the great controversy that marks South American football today: the case of Byron Castillowho was denounced by the Chilean Football Federation amid doubts about his nationality.

The idea in Chile is to confirm that the Ecuadorian national team was actually born in Colombia and to establish that their papers are not in order, in order to add the remaining five points from the Red duels against Ecuador to get into the Qatar World Cup as secretary. 2022.

Carabalí dad spoke with Paulo Flores and RedGol stated that “that of the trial, as an Ecuadorian I was in Ecuador for a long time involved with soccer, and this child has been dragging this document since he started playing, since he was a child”.

“He was in North America, which is the club where he started and I know the one who was president. He then passed to Aucas and Independiente. The clubs that played against him and lost the points denounced him or sued him. To such an extent that the Ecuadorian Football Federation did an investigation and the result of the organizations that deal with this type of problem was that he is Ecuadorian. That is why they put Byron Castillo to play for the national team or Barcelona, ​​who played in the Copa Libertadores. And to Barcelona then they would have taken away the points”, added the ex-footballer.

Omar Carabalí’s father adds that “it is a matter of seeing what happens. Because I don’t think you can legally get anything. One can file a complaint, but it seems to me that they are simply fighting to find a place in the World Cup and the Colombians started it. Chile took hold of that, but according to Colombian accounts they go to the World Cup, and Chile goes to Chile. It is more for going to the World Cup than for a claim itself.

“You are going to claim, to fight, but the organizations that know and deal with this type of problem do not think they define the opposite. It is news that has spread throughout South America, but nothing is happening in Ecuador, it is not even defending itself,” adds Wilson Carabalí.

Even the father of the Colo Colo goalkeeper revealed that in his first steps in football Omar Carabalí also suffered a similar situation as a result of the doubts generated by his development compared to children his age.

“It is like with my son Omar, when in Ecuador I had the Wilson Carabalí soccer academy and I faced other academies and they claimed me for Omar because when I was a child and youth he was very tall… but not because they filed a complaint, it was real. He was just bigger than normal and had more reflexes. We did about 10 carpograms and as a father I knew that everything was in order, “said Wilson Carabalí.

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