Can you spot the golden coin in this illustration?  (Photo:

The viral challenges that are difficult to solve always end up generating an impact on social networks. The one that motivated this note is considered one of the most complicated. And it is that only 5% of participants were able to overcome it. What is the challenge? You just have to find the golden coin that is in the image.

If you wonder where the illustration that we mention came from, we inform you that it is a creation of . This shows us that the setting is a room that is completely messy. Due to that environment, few people have said “I did it”. Are you ready to start looking for the golden coin?

Image of the viral challenge 2022

Can you spot the golden coin in this illustration? (Photo:

Viral challenge response

This viral challenge doesn’t have a time limit, but if you’re tired of searching and want to know where the golden coin is, no problem. Look at the following image and you will know its location.

This image indicates where the gold coin is.  (Photo:
This image indicates where the gold coin is. (Photo:

What is a viral challenge?

A viral challenge is an exercise that tests your cognitive abilities to perform a task. It should be noted that all the activities we carry out require the use of our brain functions, which implies millions of neuronal connections distributed throughout the cerebral lobes to deal adequately with our environment and process information through various channels.

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This viral challenge has entertained many people, but believe us when we tell you that it is not the only one out there. If you wish to participate in another challenge, we inform you that in sport We have released quite a few. They all have the same goal: to entertain people. Until next time!

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