Cardona's posts after the game against Banfield.

Edwin Cardona’s exit, twenty minutes into the second half, was accompanied by a concert of whistles. Racing lost 1-0 and the Colombian left the field of play with an undisguised gesture of annoyance and in the same way that he played during the hour he was on the field: walking. His replacement, Tomás Chancalay, hugged him tight. Perhaps looking for some containment for the disowned partner.

Just about the end came the draw of the Academy, a team that was much more like the one from the turbulent beginnings of Fernando Gago than the 2022 version that won ten games in a row, mostly with high-flying football. That yes, beyond the header of Nery Domínguez and the deplorable arbitration of Germán Delfino, who in any case correctly expelled Chancalay for a lack of respect, all eyes were on Cardona. And there are several questions that are asked about the hitch that Boca did not want to buy the pass. Does it fit in this Racing? Why can’t you get into a rhythm? Is there a physical problem?

The Colombian decided to use social networks to respond to the widespread booing.

“The best warrior is not the one who triumphs, but the one who fearlessly returns to battle”He posted the flyer on his Instagram account. The caption was accompanied by a photo of Brad Pitt in the movie Fury, where the actor played a soldier. It was not the only sentence that Cardona consigned.

“A true warrior studies each defeat, to turn it into victory the next time… Because the best warrior is not the one who always triumphs, but the one who fearlessly returns to battle”Said another post, this time illustrated with a Spartan.

What did the statistics of the match against Banfield show? That Cardona played 66 minutes and touched the ball 34 times. He kicked once on goal, a free kick that Facundo Cambeses covered with effort. Then he didn’t complete a cross and there was a good long ball. A key pass, to Eugenio Mena, which ended in nothing. He had 8 losses.

Cardona’s posts after the game against Banfield.

Cardona's posts after the game against Banfield.

Cardona’s posts after the game against Banfield.

Now, if the gaze is focused on the heat map, it must be said that he did not step on the visiting area once. And that he left a counter served, like 10 days ago he gave a ball to Axel Rodríguez, who scored the second goal for Patronato. Racing won 3-2, but compromised the result.

If the review is more global, in 10 games with the light blue and white shirt he has an average of 47 minutes played, but one fact is not minor: he made more passes in his own field (85%) than in the opposite field (75%) .

Edwin Cardona started in Racing's first loss of 2022, against Melgar in Peru.  Photo: Diego Ramos / AFP.

Edwin Cardona started in Racing’s first loss of 2022, against Melgar in Peru. Photo: Diego Ramos / AFP.

“He is a last pass player, positional. The players have different characteristics and I choose the team to enhance collective performance”, said Gago at the press conference.

The technician is very strict with the issue of weight. So far it has not transpired that Cardona was not offline. His pass cost 3 million dollars and Gago is looking for that piece that he considers “different” to fit. The truth is that, after the injury suffered in the match with Argentinos, the team began to play at a pace and dynamic that propelled it to the local championship, the Argentine Cup and the South American Cup.

“External comments hurt, from people who played football. I had to get injured. We are a team, I am grateful to all the people who supported me, and to those who did not, wish them blessings. Grateful to those who brought me here, ”he said, already recovered.

The reality is that Racing is another with the Colombian. As much as his teammates are the usual starters or most substitutes, as happened on Saturday. The hitch has a rhythmic rhythm. He is prone to pausing, to a pass that can unlock a defensive lock and has a good punch. However, in the collective operation it is being a counterweight. And that attribute that is needed in these times, intensity and speed, is not in his DNA, much less in recovery.

Racing and Cardona are not in tune. People disapprove of it. Will this story change?

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