Pure smile.  Zverev spills champagne on Alcaraz's head.  Photo: Reuters

Much has been said and written about Carlos Alcaraz’s game in recent days. The new jewel of Spanish tennis, who beat Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic consecutively to beat German Alexander Zverev in the final and win the Madrid Masters 1000, is clearly a strong candidate to become the great challenger of the now-injured Mallorcan and win the title at Roland Garros (as color data, he already announced that in Paris he will stay in the same hotel as the 13-time winner of the Musketeers Cup…)

But beyond his tennis qualities, Alcaraz transformed into an absolutely seductive personality for the brands that fight in the super professional sport to catch the new figures. What happened last week at the Caja Mágica in the Spanish capital was summed up by Jon Segovia, professor at the University of Deusto’s business and economics school. Segovia said: “Alcaraz ceased to be a startup to become the unicorn of Spanish tennis”.

In addition to beating two of the best players of all time and achieving his fourth title in the year, he captivated everyone with other qualities to form the foundations of what he can become, in addition, a great leader of his generation.

Pure smile. Zverev spills champagne on Alcaraz’s head. Photo: Reuters

“You saw a young man who enjoys what he does, who is not pressured. And that, at work, is fundamental. And for brands, which must already be knocking on their doors to be their image, it is very attractive. It is a successful person from the effort and contagious joy with a smile. That is what brands are looking for, “concluded Segovia, overwhelmed by Alcaraz’s charisma.

According to a report from evena Spanish media analysis, measurement and communication management company, of the 6,669 news items recorded about the Madrid tournament, 2,145 featured the player from Murcia, and this had an estimated registered economic value of more than 17 million euros. It is a fact that reflects the media relevance of the recently turned 19-year-old kid.

One more boy.  Carlos Alcaraz and all the ball catchers of the Madrid Masters 1000.  Photo: AP

One more boy. Carlos Alcaraz and all the ball catchers of the Madrid Masters 1000. Photo: AP

In recent times, Spain has given sporting monsters that became international stars such as Pau Gasol, Fernando Alonso or Nadal himself, of course, but the brands are already keeping an eye on the youngest for the coming years. And there Alcaraz appears, who today it has four sponsors: Nike, Babolat, Rolex and ISDINa cosmetics brand that has in its ranks other sports figures such as the Spaniards Pablo Carreño, Ona Carbonell (synchronized swimming) and Andy Criere (surfing), the Argentine Fernando Belasteguin (paddle tennis) and even Movistar, the Spanish team that participates in the cycling World Tour.

With the American Nike he signed an agreement in 2020, when Alcaraz was 16 years old. With the French company Babolat, the contract will end at the end of 2025 and is already in a full negotiation process. The conditions are different, of course… Finally, Rolex also put it in its orbit. With the watch brand there is a difference with Nadal, with whom he shares clothes and rackets. It is that the winner of 21 Grand Slams has a millionaire agreement arranged with Richard Mille while Alcaraz showed after his victory in Miami a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, an iconic model that the Swiss company launched in the 60s and that is exclusive to the pilots of the Formula 1.

In sports marketing circles it is said that Andre Agassi and Maria Sharapova were the two tennis players who earned the most money off the court with sponsorships, exhibitions and guarantees, for example. And that the American, who pocketed more than 31 million dollars in his career after being number 1 in the world and having won eight Grand Slams, actually obtained more than 155 million for those items. How much Alcaraz will accumulate in his career is impossible to know. But in these very different times when money circulates in a much more unbridled way in 20th century sport, imagining that sum would be like betting on how far the ceiling of your game will rise.

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