Carlos Sainz: "Zeros hurt, but I'm patient and the year is long"

Carlos Sainz attends MARCA after completing the first third of a tight season, with Ferrari at the top and that he has not yet seen the best version of Madrid, which acknowledges readjusting its objectives

QUESTION. We started in a bit of a soccer way because after Real Madrid’s European Cup and the victory of a madridista like Rafa Nadal at Roland Garros, you are the next madridista, does this inertia inspire you with optimism?

RESPONSE. Man, it always makes you happy every week to see your favorite team, of which I have been a mega fan all my life winning, and to see one of your childhood idols like Rafa do it too, they don’t stop winning and that makes you happy. tremendous. Unfortunately that has nothing to do with what I do, but I have a good time following them and watching Spanish sports up there.

P. Bak, the first time you repeat in Azerbaijan with the same team, although not with the same car, is the 2022 one so different that it is as if it were a new team?

R. Yes, this year all the circuits are as if you were with a new car, but for all the drivers. Monaco, for example, has been completely different because of the way the new car behaves, Barcelona too, they are all half new experiences and the best thing is that since the car is competitive, it goes well on almost all the circuits.

Perhaps the impetus for wanting to win and take poles also made him make a mistake too


Q. Is the basic configuration of a car or its natural tendency, the one you already saw in the Montmel or Bahrin tests, so important for the driver to get all the performance out of it?

R. If, especially in the short term, it is essential with the few tests that there are, that we go from race to race and you barely have an hour with little time to test anything, the first ‘feeling’ and the first sensation that the race gives you is very important. car. There are always cars that give you confidence when you get in and you know that you are going to go very fast with them because of how they behave and adapt to your driving style and then there are cars that from the moment you get in you see that you are going to have to change things or you will have them to change to the car, but I think that for a professional driver that happens a lot in his career, and it happens to any driver.

P. It is because it seems that the balance of forces between the pilots and various teams has changed compared to last year.

R. Yes, sure, and I also hope that these changes will come to an end, these differences will be reduced to measures that we pilots will adapt to, but at the beginning and with that lack of testing in F1, where it is very difficult to understand everything, it is normal that there changes in trend and behavior between colleagues, one car is always going to like more than another, one adapts before, etc. I have always liked adapting, I usually do it quite quickly, but it is true that this year is different and it is a new experience.

To my self from 2015 when I started in F1 I would tell him to be patient, to follow his instinct and his way of doing things, as I know now, that it will go well for me


P. Monaco, Bak, circuits where everything comes naturally to achieve victory?

R.It could be, it could be, I aspire to victory in every race I go to, I try to win and for the first victory to come, my motivation does not change and I prepare myself for it. In fact, he could have arrived in Monaco too, almost in any race with a hair more luck and you have to have the patience to stay calm and even if he is not one hundred percent with the car, he will continue to achieve podiums and good results.

Q. After these last races in which you have cut points from Leclerc, although not from Red Bull, do you see yourself in the key of fighting for the world championship, do you still think about that?

R. No, not really, in that sense my approach has changed a bit because it is true that with the zeros I distanced myself a lot in the World Cup, they hurt, and from that point I preferred not to think about the championship. Also also because I saw that I was not comfortable enough with the car to go for poles and victories and perhaps the impetus for wanting to win and make poles also made me make a few mistakes too. My strength has always been perseverance and knowing how to wait for my moments, my end of the year that have always been very good, so I think it’s time to be a little more patient this year and wait until I feel a little more comfortable with the car, a little more. more than one hundred percent to go on the attack. That yes, to which I feel comfortable like in Monaco with water, I will go for it because there I was able to win without the blue flag, but I think that the objectives and the risk must be adjusted for the sensations with the car.


I have always liked adapting, I usually do it quite quickly, but it is true that this year is different and it is a new experience.

Q. With this veteran and patience, what would you say to Carlos Sainz, who debuted in 2015 with Toro Rosso, if he were found now from the heights of a Ferrari driver?

R. Some advice… perhaps what happens to all young people, that we are very impatient, we have a lot of drive and a lot of desire and in the end he would tell me not to worry so much about things happening because they end up happening, if you work and keep the upside down, the results and things end up coming out, there is no secret, you just have to have a little patience, so that’s what he would tell me because who would have told Carlos from 2015 that he would now be at Ferrari with a contract? three or four years old like the one I have. Patience, follow your instinct and your way of doing things, as I know now, it will go well for me.

P. The fact is that we have seven races and that before was half a World Cup and now it is not even a third. Would you like it to continue to grow to 25 races and F1 become so Americanized? Do you like the kilometric world championships almost from Christmas to Christmas?

R. Well they force you to look at everything with philosophy. When I arrived there were 18 or 19 races and each one was a final and now as they go up you have to think that it is a sport in which things depend very little on the rider, you depend on a number of factors for a perfect weekend. which is incredible, I think it is one of the sports in which there are more external factors that can affect the result, and that is why it is very difficult to think that each race is a final, you have to watch it all year, that in the end something will happen to all of us , a bad ‘pit stop’, an error, an engine problem, there will always be one of those a year and you have to keep a cool head so as not to think that everything ends there.

Ferrari driver lt;HIT gt;Carlos lt;/HIT gt;  lt;HIT gt;Sainz lt;/HIT gt;  of Spain steers his car during the first free practice at the Baku circuit, in Baku, Azerbaijan, Friday, June 10, 2022. The Formula One Grand Prix will be held on Sunday.  (AP Photo/Sergei Grits)

Ferrari driver lt;HIT gt;Carlos lt;/HIT gt; lt;HIT gt;Sainz lt;/HIT gt; of Spain steers his car during the first free practice at the Baku circuit, in Baku, Azerbaijan, Friday, June 10, 2022. The Formula One Grand Prix will be held on Sunday. (AP Photo/Sergei Grits)Sergei GritzAP

In F1 things depend very little on the driver, you depend on a number of factors so that a weekend turns out perfect, which is incredible, I think it is one of the sports that there are more external factors that can affect the result

P. One more to finish… would you contribute something of your own, a Sainz touch to this World Cup that is so American and that you look so much for the show? sprinklers, early morning races, inverted grills?…

R. Well, look, I think that if we are going to do more sprint weekends, I think the sprint race has the potential to be a better show, a race separate from the rest of the weekend. I think that the ‘qualy’ on Friday has to continue to be the one that is valid for Sunday, that is, as now, that it counts for the race on Sunday, but the race on Saturday has to be separated, that it does not count for Sunday, but yes for the championship and that it was on the inverted grid of the 20 pilots of how you are doing in the World Cup, that the top 10 score but that they score less than 25 points, it has to be worth less, and there we will see the two Red Bull and the two Ferraris starting in the last four or five with a tremendous desire to finish in the top ten because if we don’t finish we won’t score, but if we crash trying to come back the next day you continue to start on pole, which is the real race. There I know we will see a really fun sprint race, more than now, as you try to position yourself for the race on Sunday, but there is not much to see because it is like a first race stint.

P. There is a lot of fear of making a mistake and throwing away the weekend on Saturday

R. Of course, because where the big points are on Sunday and why are you going to sacrifice or risk crashing to advance a position to start third or second in the race that counts the most… it makes all the sense in the world.

And another thing that I would like to change or that F1 would think if we go to the 24 or 25 races, is that we have to be careful with people, all of us who travel the world are not on Saturday and Sunday, we travel from Monday or Tuesday, mechanics and others and they are people who have families and wait for them at home or children to take care of and you cannot be away from home for 250 days because there is no magic, families then break up and it creates anxiety and something that is not sustainable at long term for a mechanic who wants to spend 20 years in F1 with his family etc.

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