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Chile Cup

Ariel Holan seeks to improve the image of the team, pending the arrival of Mauricio Isla.

Universidad Católica visits Unión San Felipe in the Chile Cup.
© Agency OneUniversidad Católica visits Unión San Felipe in the Chile Cup.

The four-time national soccer champion debuts in the Chile Cup, in the duel between Universidad Católica and Unión San Felipe for the first leg of the third round, where the Cruzados want to start raising their performance.

Those led by Ariel Holan they were unable to maintain the level that has led them to dominate the National Championship for the last few years and suffered a significant downturn in the first part of the aforementioned tournament. This also affected their international participation, where they remained eliminated in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores.

Although still Catholic University does not move in the market, at least officially, all the roads indicate that they will strike with their first reinforcement: Mauricio Isla, historical side of The Red would be fine-tuning the details of his departure in Flamengo to arrive at San Carlos de Apoquindo, the same club that formed him and in which he never made his debut, despite the fact that on more than one occasion he claimed to be a fan of Universidad de Chile. Soccer laps.

San Felipe Union For his part, he knows that he does not have favoritism on his side, but if he wants to advance, he must start by becoming strong as a local, which for this match will be exercised in the Lucio Farina Stadium in Quillota. In the First B march in the 3rd place.

Day and time: When do Unión San Felipe vs Universidad Católica play?

Unión San Felipe and Universidad Católica will play the Saturday, June 18 at 3:30 p.m. in Chile.

Television: On which channel to watch Unión San Felipe vs. Universidad Católica live on TV?

The game will be broadcast in Chile by the signals of TNT Sports HD and TNT Sports 2on the following channels depending on your cable operator:

TNT Sports HD
VTR: 855 (HD)
DTV: 1631 (HD)
ENTEL: 243 (HD)
CLEAR: 490 (HD)

TNT Sports 2
VTR: 165 (SD)
DTV: 631 (SD)
ENTEL: 242 (SD)
CLEAR: 190 (SD)
YOU SEE: 504 (SD)

Online: Who streams Union San Felipe vs. Universidad Católica live?

To watch the meeting live by streaming you can do it at TNT Sports Stadium.

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