CD&V will appoint Wouter Beke's successor to the Flemish government on Monday

The party council will meet and give a “binding opinion”. If all goes well, the new minister could be sworn in on Wednesday in the Flemish Parliament. Wouter Beke announced his resignation Thursday evening at a press conference. The resigning minister participated Friday morning in his last council of ministers, where he officially signified his departure. His powers are temporarily transferred to the entire Flemish government until the successor has been sworn in.

The identity of the successor will be discussed by the “top” of the party. The objective is to officially appoint him during an extraordinary party council convened on Monday. This body must, according to the renewed statutes of the CD&V, give a “binding opinion”, after which the successor is officially appointed by the Flemish parliamentary group.

If the procedure goes as planned, Wouter Beke’s successor would be sworn in on Wednesday.

Speculation about the identity of the future minister is rife, but various sources at the CD&V have refused to name names, because the party is still in full consultation.

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