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After the defeat in the Copa Sudamericana, Luis Suárez got all the desire to convert with his people, because he put the icing on the cake in Nacional’s 3-0 victory against Rentistas, in a goal that was celebrated with everything.

El Pistolero returned to celebrate with the National shirt.
© @ChampionshipAUFEl Pistolero returned to celebrate with the National shirt.

16 years after his last time in the jersey of National, Luis Suarez shouted goal again with his team, in the 3-0 victory against annuitants for date 2 of the Closing of the First Division of Uruguay.

After the loss to Atlético Goianiense, 1-0 at home in the Copa Sudamericana quarterfinals, the fans needed to believe again and, all the more so, with Suárez on the pitch.

The Great Central Park was full waiting for the striker, who again started from the substitute bench, although the first celebrations came in the first half.

José Luis Rodríguez at 3 minutes and Juan Ignacio Ramírez at 43′, had overtaken the locals, where only the icing on the cake was missing on the night against Rentistas.

That was how Luis Suárez came to the field after halftime, so that he added more minutes for the great rematch in Brazil for the South American.

The gunner did not fail on this opportunity, because with only 13 minutes on the field of play he scored again playing for Nacional.

It was after a corner that the attacker headed into the area to decree the 3-0 for his team and the first personal since his return to his country.

The goal was celebrated with everything, by the fans and their teammates, while the scorer dedicated it to his family who were in the stands.

With this score, Nacional adds its first victory in the tournament, after the defeat against Deportivo Maldonado, but now it focuses, together with Suárez, on the rematch for the Copa Sudamericana.

Check Luis Suárez’s goal

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By closing date 2 of the Uruguayan First Division, National will receive CA Rentiers to open the day and seek to add their first three points on the Positions table.

The Handbag comes from falling down 1 to 0 against Atletico Goianiense by first leg of the quarterfinals of the Copa SudamericanaI find that marked the return of Luis Suárez with the shirt of the Deanafter having debuted in the squad by 2005 and go to Europe 16 years and one month. Now National must go find the qualifying until brazil next week.

At the start of the Uruguayan seasonmeanwhile, the Pockets they lost in their debut by 2 to 1 as a visit against Deportivo Maldonadothe discount goal was scored Juan Ignacio Ramirez.

annuitantsfor their part, also fell into their debut for the Closing of Uruguaythe Albion F.C. beat them 4-2 at home; the many of Bug they ran on behalf of Maximiliano Juambeltz Fernandez and Hugo Silveira.

In the next challenge the new team of the gunslinger will visit Liverpool FCwhile annuitants will officiate home against Danubio FC.

Day and time: When do Nacional vs Rentistas play for the Uruguayan First Division?

Nacional vs Rentistas play this Friday, August 5 at 7:00 p.m. in Chile in the Grand Central Park Stadium.

Television: On which channel to watch Nacional vs Rentistas live on TV for the First Division of Uruguay?

The match will be broadcast by the signal of GolTV on the following channels:

VTR: 163 (SD) – 845 (HD)
CLEAR: 196 (SD)
GTD/TELSUR: 88 (SD) – 849 (HD)
MOVISTAR: 478 (SD) – 894 (HD)
YOU SEE: 600 (SD)

Online: Who broadcasts live streaming to Nacional vs Rentistas for the First Division of Uruguay?

To watch the meeting live by streaming you can do it at Star+.

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