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César Fuentes is confident that the work done by Colo Colo in the interseason will allow the cast to achieve great goals at the end of the season, since they must face three fronts.

César Fuentes is the starter for Gustavo Quinteros this 2022
© Agency OneCésar Fuentes is the starter for Gustavo Quinteros this 2022

colo colo gets fully into the last part of the interseason that he is carrying out in Buenos Aires, where he recharges batteries for what will be the second semester, where he will have to face the National Championshipthe Chile Cup and the South American Cup.

César Fuentes, midfielder for Los Albos, addressed the work that has been done, where the Cacique has also played friendly matches. “We started a week full of practice and double shifts, very physically charged. These training games are always taken for learning,” he said.

The midfielder also addressed that the team’s confidence is at its peak, so they hope to fight on the three fronts that they will play. “When we are at 100 percent we can beat anyone,” confessed Corralero.

One of the teammates with whom he is fighting for the position is Vicente Pizarro, who has not had many chances to play this year. “We all know the quality that ‘Vicho’ has. Both he and those who came now are getting the spirit of this team,” he said.

Along these lines, he recommended that Pizarro “fight, be a protagonist. He is a great player and we know that he will always seek to give his best.”

He also referred to Pablo Solari, who was tempted by Mexico’s America. “He has always been good with the group, many things have been said that are not. We have to think about the team, about being well and starting the Copa Chile in the best way”.

Los albos will play on Saturday against Temuco at 6:00 p.m. at the Monumental, in the first leg of the round of 32 of the tournament where Colo Colo is the current two-time champion.

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