Champion Roeselare removes 'Player of the Year' Seppe Rotty and Simon Plaskie from competitor Menen


Volleyball champion Roeselare takes over Seppe Rotty from vice champion Menen. The club confirmed this on Thursday. Simon Plaskie also makes the switch from Menen to West Flanders.

Maarten DelvauxSourceBELGA

Rotty, 21, has signed a three-year contract. He has to help catch the departure of Mathijs Desmet and François Lecat on the reception corner. Rotty, who was named ‘Player of the Year’ at the Volleyproms on Monday, will compete at Roeselare with Matthijs Verhanneman and Märt Tammearu.

Plaskie, like Rotty 21, signed a two-year contract. The corner attacker played two seasons for Gent before joining Menen last season. “His learning process is certainly not over yet, so he is looking forward to the new challenges with an open mind and great curiosity,” says Roeselare.


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