"Championship can't get bored."  What they said about the victory of "Zenith" in the RPL

the players of St. Petersburg “Zenith” beat the Moscow “Locomotive” with a score of 3: 1 in the home match of the 27th round of the Russian Premier League (RPL) and became champions ahead of schedule. Expert opinions on the fourth championship of Zenit in a row – in the selection of RBC Sport

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Zenit is the champion of Russia in the 2021/22 season

(Photo: TASS)

Andrey Arshavin, former football player of Zenit and London Arsenal

“Today was a routine. It seems to me that feelings are dulled when you become a champion so many times in a row, ”Arshavin said on Match TV.

Vyacheslav Malafeev, former goalkeeper of Zenit and the Russian national team

“Fate returns the scenario in which Lokomotiv became the champion in the match against Zenit. In general, of course, this is a coincidence. As for the championship in the match against Spartak, I think it does not matter in the match against which team to become the champion of the country. But it certainly sounds nice. Let’s see if Zenit can send Spartak to the joints, because once Zenit already sent another Moscow team to the FNL, ” told Malafeev “Sport-Express”.

Zenit ahead of schedule became the champion of Russia for the fourth time in a row

Photo: Global Look Press

Shamil Gazizov, CEO of Ufa and former CEO of Spartak

“Becoming a champion four times is worth a lot. They are great fellows. I would like to congratulate Sergey Bogdanovich and all the guys with whom I personally worked at Zenit on such a powerful achievement, ”Gazizov told RBC Sport.

Alexander Medvedev, CEO of Zenit

“Intriguing game. Ridiculous goal conceded. As we joked that Kerzhakov was not told in what form we are playing today. In general, it was clear that Zenit was playing real football. The fourth championship in a row is a very rare case. I know that in the history of Russian football, only Spartak has won more titles in a row. But we do not stop at this figure, our task is to earn a second star for a T-shirt. And the sooner the better. Hopefully we can next season. All fans with a victory! — quotes Medvedev “Match TV”.

Herkus with the words “Zenith” does not become weaker” appreciated the team’s championship

Photo: Alexander Demyanchuk / TASS

Valery Gazzaev, former coach of CSKA and the Russian national team

“Congratulations to Zenit on a well-deserved victory! Winning gold medals once is not such a big problem, but keeping the team at such a level for four years so that the team shows its level and wins one championship after another is not only the merit of the players, but also the great work of the coaches. Four championship titles in a row is the art of the head coach of the team. I congratulate Sergey Semak! To find an incentive, motivation, to win every year, you need to be able to manage the team and players. Yes, Zenit has good players, good management and opportunities, but the players must meet certain coaching requirements. transmits Gazzaev’s words “Championship”.

Pavel Pogrebnyak, ex-forward of Zenit, Dynamo and the Russian national team

“The fourth victory of Zenit in a row in the RPL is a real achievement! The championship is never boring. I don’t understand why so many people say, “I’m tired of it.” Of course not! I would like to congratulate Zenit on the victory, a well-deserved victory. As they say, keep up the good work! Bayern won 10 Bundesliga titles? There is something to strive for! If Bayern could, why can’t Zenit? – said Pogrebnyak in an interview with the correspondent of the “Championship”.

Alexander Beglov, Governor of St. Petersburg

“For the fourth season in a row, Zenit has no equal in the Russian Premier League. You once again presented our city with a bright sports festival. Your success is a great merit of the head coach of the team Sergei Bogdanovich Semak. I wish you new victories for the glory of Russian sports,” the governor’s press service reports.

Gazizov congratulated Zenit on the fourth championship in a row in the RPL

Malcolm and Artem Dzyuba

Ilya Gerkus, ex-general director of Lokomotiv

Zenit confidently won the championship, despite a partial renewal of the squad, Zenit has not become weaker, for the past four years. It is understandable, now there is no real competitor for them. Hypothetically, he may appear, but consistent work is needed in this direction, and now we see throwing, constant course changes and coaching leapfrog among the former competitors of Zenit, ”RBC Sport quotes Herkus.

Denmark, former captain of Zenit and ex-footballer of the Portuguese national team

“I am very happy for Zenit that they are champions again. The guys deserve it, they are the best team in Russia. I am convinced that Zenit will be able to win the championship seven times in a row. They are the best in Russia,” told Danny “Championship”.

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