Changes in the Boca Football Council: Chicho Serna joins Riquelme's small table

Mauricio Serna (54 years old) will leave his place as aide de camp of the Reserve of Mouth and will join the Football Council made up of Jorge Bermúdez, Marcelo Delgado and Raúl Cascini. And the second team, led by Hugo Ibarra, will be joined by Leandro Gracian.

The change of pieces came in Boca after the end of the Reserve season and is also aligned with the club’s search to continue training coaches in the privacy of the Mouth Property of Ezeiza.

The former Boca player, champion with the club three times, arrives after being part of the coaching staff with Walter Erviti in Atlanta. Grace, 39 years oldhad already been part of the senior soccer of the club and now he will have a place to think about the future in his role as manager.

With Serna in the football councilIn addition, the club will add another piece to be able to move in the Copa Libertadores. since the sanction of Conmebol on Cascini (closer to the day to day of the Reserve) and Delgado prohibits them from entering the club’s international competitions for two years after the serious incidents with Atlético Mineiro.

Battaglia thinks about the defense against Racing

Boca’s coach will be able to count on defender Carlos Izquierdoz in the semifinals since he left behind his lumbar discomfort and the captain and benchmark of the squad will be available to measure himself against Avellaneda’s men for a place in the definition of the domestic tournament.

However, the coach will evaluate the options. First, because the level of the Peruvian Zambrano accompanied the soccer growth of the team. Then, because it comes with competition, filming and in the duo with Marcos Rojo, the team found some firmness in recent games. Plus, because Izquierdoz has already met the suspension date in the Libertadores and the coach prefers not to risk it ahead of time thinking about the last two days of the Cup (Red will be missing against Corinthians).

With this scenario, although a definition by Battaglia is still missing, the trend favors Zambrano and Rojo once again being the central duo against Racing. And that Advíncula (to the limit from the physical) and Fabra position themselves on the sides.

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