Charleroi AMPs, which distribute press and magazines, blocked this Thursday by the CSC: “workers have not been paid for months”

The AMPs are this branch of the bpost group which – to put it simply – “distributes newspapers”. They transport daily press and magazines to bookstores and points of sale every morning after printing.

”But AMPs, and therefore bpost, work with subcontractors. And this is where there is a problem, at Team Logistics: there are at least five workers who have come to see us because they have nothing left, and we think there are around ten persons concerned”, explains Michel Gretzer, regional permanent at CSC Transcom. “People who worked as bogus self-employed (Editor’s note: workers “forced” to be self-employed, having to pay their social charges themselves but depending on a boss), and who today have not had their salary since almost 2 months, neither the overtime worked, nor even their social documents. Already with a salary it becomes difficult to live, but imagine without: there is even one of the workers who has become homeless.

The greens will therefore block the deposit of the AMPs of Jumet, this Thursday, from 7:30 a.m. “To put pressure on bpost and the AMPs, because this is a perfectly well-known situation, they called on a subcontractor but we believe that its responsibility as principal is engaged. It is necessary that these people, who are in the most total poverty, have the documents essential to their right to unemployment and we would like the AMPs and bpost to examine the possibilities of reintegrating these outsourced activities, that they give work to these people who have done so much for them.”

A picket will be set up at the gates of the company by permanent staff, delegates and workers. However, the distribution of newspapers should not be disrupted: at 7:30 a.m., the work is already finished and the deliveries made. “We just want to apply pressure for now”explains Michel Gretzer.

Contacted, the bpost group explains that it has ended the collaboration with Team Logistics “following several failures concerning the quality of services and after numerous consultations”. According to bpost, all the invoices owed by the AMPs to its subcontractor Team Logistics have been paid, and there is no longer any commercial link between the companies. Subtext: workers in difficulty are not employed by AMP or bpost, but by Team Logistics. The latter, at the time of writing these lines, had not yet responded to our requests.

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