Chelsea is fed up with Ousmane Dembélé's doubts: a crack from Guardiola, a new target

The great candidate to take over the services of Ousmane Dembélé in the summer transfer market is Chelsea. During the last few weeks, the name of the French crack has sounded endlessly in the Stamford Bridge offices. However, no matter how strong the rumors have been, the popular ‘Mosquito’ does not sign an agreement with the Londoners despite the fact that Thomas Tuchel is his main supporter. Such a situation has tired the senior staff of the ‘blue’ team, which according to the Daily Mail newspaper does not rule out another star given the Frenchman’s doubts about landing in the Premier League.

The aforementioned source explains that Dembélé’s delay in accepting Chelsea’s final offer is due to a request from Xavi Hernández. The Egarense DT has begged the French winger not to sign with the English until President Joan Laporta presents a new contract renewal offer.

The former Rennes and Borussia Dortmund striker has agreed to the request of the Barcelona coach, hoping that the club’s directors will give their arm to twist and agree to pay him what he asks for renewing. For this reason, the world champion in Russia 2018 continues to make a final decision about his career.

Always according to the aforementioned source, Ousmane Dembélé’s hesitations have made Chelsea think about aborting the operation for a moment. A few weeks before the start of the preseason, the ‘Blues’ cannot afford to wait any longer, which is why the top staff does not rule out the incorporation of Raheem Sterling.

Like Dembélé, the crack of Manchester City is unbalanced in one on one and has the speed of few players in the world. The problem for Chelsea is that he is not a cheap footballer unlike Dembélé, whose arrival from Barcelona was going to be free as he was a free agent.

According to the Transfermarkt portal, Raheem Sterling is valued at 70 million euros, an approximate figure that Manchester City would ask Chelsea to let their player out with one year to go until the end of the contract.

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