Chile one by one: Eduardo Berizzo has a lot of work to do and already shows total renovation of the defense

Sebastian Perez: Perhaps the figure of Chile and that says it all. He had three goal saves against shots from outside the area and only one somewhat hesitant start, although he was bothered by Paulo Díaz in a corner. He adds votes to get behind Claudio Bravo and, in theory, Brayan Cortés.

Francisco Sierralta: Firm in the first half, putting strong leg and some start. In the second half he was out of focus after a lateral that ended with a shot by Benajamín Tetteh to the crossbar.

Paul Diaz: He was somewhat more comfortable as a libero compared to the previous two games, although he still has a long way to go to show the best of his version at River Plate. He came out a lot on Tetteh’s crossbar play and messed up the defense. In the complement he tried to get off the hook in attack given his good footing.

Benjamin Kuscevic: Correct in the mark and the advance in the first half, although in the second half, he also had an episode with problems with Benjamín Tetteh, who got up early in a corner and crashed the ball into the vertical left of Zanahoria Pérez’s goal.

Oscar Opazo: He tried to be an offensive weapon and found a good association with Diego Valencia in a play that deserved better luck in the first half. Defensively he didn’t have much work.

Tomas Alarcon: There was something tense, but it was loosening. In the first half he had interesting saves and closures to the good Kudus and Ayew and in the complement he tried to loosen up a little more, give Ben Brereton Díaz the pass of the most dangerous play that Chile put together. Until he played in his holding midfielder position and we have to see if he has more options.

Nayel Mehssatou: Hard-working, but looked somewhat lost in the double-containment position. He tried a combined play with Tomás Alarcón, but on the defensive side he had complications with André Ayew, who easily took it off him and crashed into the crossbar. With the departure of Óscar Opazo he moved to a more natural position of right-wing midfielder. He showed personality and the conditions to continue having opportunities, although the best version of him seems to be, without a doubt, in the right lane, either at midfield or as a winger.

Alex Ibacache: He had little action, he did not transcend much either offensively or defensively. When Chile charged, he did it more on the right flank. In any case, he didn’t have any major problems with Issahaku Fatawu, except when the latter threw a diagonal to get him out of the game and provoke a cover by Pérez.

Paul Galdames: He played looser, no longer inside but in a creative midfield position. He tried, he seemed more comfortable, but inaccurate to give that last ball to the foot or space of the forwards or make a change in front to better take advantage of any counterattack.

Ben Brereton Diaz: With his usual desire and determination, Chile’s offensive weapon that was most tried to be associated, although he lost the same goal as against South Korea and was not seen at all comfortable going down so much to look for options in the face of shortages. He leaves the feeling that, definitely, the best version of him is a straight left winger with a center forward and another winger on the right.

Diego Valencia: He had the option of playing as a 9 and, with it, finding the goal that Chile lost a long time ago, but he couldn’t. He tried with a header to put something uncomfortable and the best was a wall with Óscar Opazo, where he did everything well except for the final shot, which came out very weak.

(72′) Gary Medel: Here’s an interesting topic on the tour of Asia. He played every minute of the three friendlies as a holding midfielder. He said it was “for now”, but Berizzo even with three in the background did not try it there. He tried to push, had a second ball that he lifted and his penalty shot him into the clouds.

(81′) Dario Osorio: Little came into play.

(81′) Ronnie Fernandez: He did not touch the ball much, although he wasted what could have been a good counter, given the numerical superiority, trying an inadvisable “ave maria” from midfield.

(81′) Eugenio Mena: He entered to rearm the device on the sides and did not come into play much, except in an offensive start near the end that could have ended better, but it was not.

DT Eduardo Berizzo: He rehearsed a 5-3-2 with the full-backs loose at the moment in the figures of Óscar Opazo and Álex Ibacache, in addition to putting Nayel Mehssatou in double contention with Tomás Alarcón, but he did not feel comfortable. He released Pablo Galdames to generate play and, definitely, it seems to make it clear that he will renew the defense, since he used three men with Francisco Sierralta, Paulo Díaz and Benjamín Kuscevic and Gary Medel entered in the second half and in the midfield. La Roja showed little, but in favor of Toto is that the payroll was not his, except for a couple of last-minute fouling, plus casualties for various reasons that occurred in Asia. What is clear is that there is a lot to work on for the FIFA dates in September with rivals to be defined.

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