Christian de Paepe celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Golden Records of Télévie: "We cried more than once"

This Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Christian de Paepe hosted the 30th edition of the Télévie Golden Records. The emblematic action aimed at raising as much money as possible for the fight against cancer was carried out successfully. Multitude, Stromae’s double platinum platinum disc left for the sum of 160,000 euros. The golden record Tour 66 – Stade de France by Johnny Hallyday follows him closely since it was sold for 120,000 euros while ninety-five, Angèle’s platinum record, raised 101,800 euros. And the list is still long. This evening, during the big closing party, the amount raised during the action will be given in the form of a check to FNRS researchers.

Every year, it’s suspense. We hope to raise as much money as possible for Télévie. We are often entitled to many surprises“, explains Christian de Paepe who is always “impressed” by the generosity of people. Last year, Johnny Hallyday’s gold record for his album Stay alive started at 251,800 euros. A record that had moved all the animators present in the Bel RTL studio at that time.

Christian de Paepe, do you remember the very first edition of Télévie’s Golden Records?

Sure. We had collected less than 5,000 euros. For the time, it was something. Thirty years later, we are at a total of 5.6 million euros. It’s fantastic.

What makes this action still successful 30 years later?

We installed the Golden Discs at the very beginning of Bel RTL. And, it became a classic. Listening to this program boosted some people at the start of the day. It is one of the unmissable events for the faithful of Télévie.”

Do you know what happens to gold records once purchased?

“We organize a ceremony with a drink when the buyers come to pick up their gold records. I am often very moved to hear the stories behind these purchases. It is often fans who buy these gold records, but it is There are also those who have a message to pass on or who want to please someone for a particular reason. We have already cried more than once.”

Have you ever been tempted to participate in the auction of one of Télévie’s gold records?

“I’ve never bought any because I’m always in charge of the auction. So it’s a little tricky to put it on the buyer’s side. But, it’s true that when you sees some rare and collectible pieces, we would like to be able to own one.”

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