Christie Morreale regrets that the Red Devils did not wear the One love armband: “It would have been a beautiful symbol”

The Walloon Minister for Health, Employment, Equal Opportunities and Women’s Rights addressed several topics this morning on the morning of LN24 and LN Radio.

Martin Buxant first asked Christie Morreale if she would have traveled to Qatar to see a Red Devils game. “Nope”, she replies firmly, she who wears the ‘One love’ armband on her left arm. “You have to be consistent with yourself and I wouldn’t have gone there”.

She also believes that the Red Devils should have worn this famous armband during their victory against Canada. “I would have liked. It would have been a beautiful symbol. I was surprised by FIFA. I find that to be problematic. It is very good that the Minister for Foreign Affairs (Editor’s note: who attended Belgium-Canada) carried it. I salute the gesture of the German football team (note: they voluntarily gagged their mouths during the pre-match photo) who expressed his objection”. She would have preferred that athletes convey more political messages. “They do operations against racism, for example. They could have expressed it in one way or another, by making a certain gesture”.

Football fan, Christie Morreale also made a small comment on the meeting: “I didn’t have time to follow her because of work. I will watch the second game. They have to play better to go further if I understood correctly”.

Christie Morreale also commented on the 30 million euro project which is on the table of the Walloon government and which aims to create reception and accommodation places for people in financial difficulty as well as the homeless. “We don’t want some people to tip over and find themselves in a situation that becomes inextricable. We are going to open hundreds of places thanks to the recovery plan to accommodate people day and night. And then, to help them find housing that is safe. More than 750 places will be built renovated. It must be validated this Thursday and created before 2026.”

The Walloon employment minister also detailed the plan to find jobs for the unemployed in Wallonia.

She also said that places of reception were going to be set up for women victims of domestic violence. Christie Morreale suggests that thousands of women are in the case. A center of 150 places should be opened.

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