Christine, 64, brutally killed at home: "I love you my most beautiful star, I will miss you"testifies a relative in shock (Update)

The lifeless body of a sexagenarian born in 1958 was found in her home on rue Demi-Lune in Mont-Saint-Guibert, in Brabant Wallon. The facts date back to Wednesday. Police arrived at the scene in the late afternoon and the victim’s body was lying there.”in a bloodbath“, according to neighbors.

The victim, Christine Francis, was someone very popular, especially in the center of the village. “She bore the marks of blows from a blunt object.“, tells us Magali Raes, spokesperson for the prosecution. After the discovery of the body, she immediately requested the arrival of a forensic doctor. The autopsy of the sexagenarian took place this Thursday.

This Thursday afternoon, a suspect was arrested. Born in 1999, the young man was then heard by the investigating judge. What is certain for the parquet floor is that it is “without a doubt” of a homicide .

Our colleagues from L’Avenir collected testimonials from local residents. “Yes, really, he was a very nice person“, slipped a person who met her regularly in Mont-Saint-Guibert.

It’s horrible. He was a really adorable person, testifies one of his acquaintances. I no longer live in Mont-Saint-Guibert but we met when I was looking for someone to do my ironing years ago. I regularly went to say hello to her and besides, there were often a few people passing by her house. She also did housework and helped out at the convenience store in the center of Mont-Saint-Guibert.

On social networks, relatives and family members expressed their state of shock. “I was told that the limit is the sky. But I will cross the sky to find you. I love you, do not forget it, my most beautiful star. I will miss you. Thank you for everything. Really I can’t believe it“, wrote one of them.

“Rest in peace. You never deserved this. Goodbye grandma Christine, as my darlings called you. We will miss you. Courage boys, we are here“, shared another person.

What a pity. She was a friend of mine. I hope we find whoever did this“, said a relative.

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