Christophe Lepoint bitter after the disappearance of Mouscron from pro football: "We were shit on"

Twenty-four hours have passed since the announcement of the absence of a license for Excel Mouscron. But Christophe Lepoint is still groggy. “I didn’t digest. I did not sleep well. It’s spinning in my head. Because the scenario was avoidable. There have been contacts for a year, six months… But we haven’t listened to anything. The crisis unit had had rapprochements with Valladolid but we put a spoke in the wheels by not giving the figures. I fail to understand. »

As soon as he returned to the club in January 2021, the captain felt that things were going badly. “People had seen too big. The meals alone were worthy of a 4 star in Turkey. There was a 20m table with raw vegetables, 4 dishes, 4 desserts. We went green before each game. I had never known that in my career when I played in Ghent, in Turkey, in Germany. It cost a fortune!

When I also see the contracts that have been given to some. It should come as no surprise that the hole was created. Ok, that was from Diego Lopez. But the management accepted! Neither Declerck, nor Allaert, nor Seillier sounded the alarm to say that we were living beyond our means”.

At the start of the season, things got worse. But again, no response. “From the start, the suppliers and numerous invoices (hospital, social security, insurance, etc.) were not paid. But no one is sounding the alarm. We let the club sink. It’s all well and good to say that there are no debts… And when I hear the president say that he is happy with his mandate when in two years, there is a descent and a probable bankruptcy “.

“We are being shit on”

For the midfielder, the culprits of the screaming sinking are easily identifiable. “There is Gérard Lopez who had agreed to pay until June. But here, without the license, I don’t see why he would continue. Contrary to what was said in a press release, we still haven’t received our salaries. We are told that it is because the bank wants to verify the origin of the funds. But since then, there has been no news. Once again, we were taken for idiots. In our heads, we know that we will certainly not touch anything anymore…

But it’s like the season. We were not respected by management. We’ve been shit on from the start. We forced Teddy Chevalier to write a letter of apology because he dared to attack Lopez. But a week later, the guy announces that he will no longer give a franc. Here, the club falls into D2 ACFF but we did not even receive a message to warn us. It was employees who warned us. This year, we really hit rock bottom…”

“Declerck wants us to explain? May he give me the day and the hour”

The former Diable Rouge is particularly upset with the president of REM, Patrick Declerck. “He tries to pose as the victim when he is one of the biggest responsible for the mess with Allaerts, Seillier and Lopez. He says everywhere that he is a volunteer but we must not have the same definition. He strolls quietly with the Visa of the club. He brags about it in restaurants as I have been told. This makes me angry with the real volunteers who give themselves body and soul for the club.

He said on television that he wanted to meet me to explain. No problem ! Let him give me the day and the hour. I’m even ready to pay him for the restaurant as he’s a “volunteer”… But let him be careful what he says. I learned in particular that he had attacked my family as a VIP during a match. I’m a nice guy but don’t shit in my boots. »

A human drama

In the meantime, a real drama is happening in the shadow of the Canonnier with the exit from the professional world. Employees, young people do not know what their future will be like. “I am also thinking of the supporters. I wanted to be present with them on Tuesday. I saw the sadness in their eyes. I was on the verge of crying because it touches me so much. I also think of all the people who are at the club every day for us. Philo, Dolo, Jean-Phi the cook, Christophe the gardener and many others. There are also all the members of the medical staff who continued without being paid. When I injured myself, they came to treat me while it was time off. These people have given everything for the club but they are paying the price. We knew it was going to happen. It was written. But it hurts because I’m sure it could be avoided.

Now, we have to find solutions for the Futuro, for the employees, for the young people, for the girls who are little talked about. And if people have done shady things, they will have to pay”.

“We had everything to have a great season”

There are also about twenty players who find themselves in a difficult situation. “This is shit… We have to wait. If there is bankruptcy, our contracts are broken. Otherwise, it will be necessary to find an arrangement with the club. But in the meantime, we have the same constraints. Some have just become dads, others have started to build their houses. It’s difficult. I am also thinking of young people; Matis (Laloux), Mathéo (Vroman) and all those who trained with us. They haven’t had time to make a name for themselves yet but I hope they find something good. Fortunately, they will have Philippe Saint-Jean, Olivier Croes and all of Futuro to support them. Then, we all wanted to do another season together and still defend the Mouscron jersey. We had everything to do great things: the group, the staff… But some people decided otherwise… Personally, I know that my age is there. But I still hope to play for a year or two. I’m even ready to stay at the club if he goes back to D2. But on one condition, that all the people who have hurt Excel are gone.

The very definition of the club-man!

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