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Arturo Vidal took advantage of his Twitch channel to fluff at the Slovakia airport before returning to South America to start his vacation. That’s when Claudio Bravo promised to return to Colo Colo if the King also dares to put on the white shirt.

Vidal and Bravo in the fluff through the King's Twitch channel
© twitchVidal and Bravo in the fluff through the King’s Twitch channel

The Chilean national team played before Slovakia in Bratislava. A duel that left the spirits of the players well up, according to what could be seen at the airport of that city, where Arturo vidal he fluffed on his Twitch channel.

There he began to broadcast for almost 20 minutes what was happening with his teammates, where at one point he asked people to start sending questions to ask other footballers. And one of them was addressed to Claudio Bravo.

“We are going to do interviews, three questions to “Capi”… “Capi”, people are asking when you are going to return to Colo Colo,” King asked the goalkeeper, who, as on the field, stopped the question with a spectacular fly .

“When am I going to return to Colo Colo? When you come back, po”, he put pressure on him, unleashing a laugh in the Flamengo midfielder, who did not expect that response from his partner in the albos during 2005 and 2006.

For the same reason, Bravo counterattacked. “When are you coming back?” and there Vidal responds by throwing it for the corner. “I have a contract until December of next year”, before which Bravo hit him with a cachamal and called him a “little liar”.

In addition, Vidal began to talk about other things while fluffing. He asked Brayan Cortés to shout “Chapaaaa” like the video that went viral in the past qualifiers and then he asked Gabriel Suazo about Colo Colo’s 5-0 win against Betis.

“Spectacular, so they can see that we are at an international level,” replied the captain, sticking the enlarged one. Of course, Vidal lowered his temper: “Watch out that they have to face the champion of America”, for the option of colliding in the Copa Libertadores. “The weá is complicated there,” Suazo said sincerely.

Finally, he indicated that in the most important club tournament in America he can also collide with another Chilean team. “With Flamengo we can run into Magallanes in the Cup and Magallanes is flying”, said King.

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