Clean Hands in Acceleration: Court of Cassation rejects the appeal of the accused

The Court of Cassation has dismissed the appeal lodged by a series of defendants in the Clean Hands case against the decision of the Indictment Chamber (AI) to approve the special investigative techniques (BOM) used in the file. Cassation’s decision is an important step forward in the case.

It was to be expected that Clean Hands – the investigation into match fixing, corruption and black money constructions – would turn out to be a serious procedural battle. Before the chambers can decide which of the 56 suspects identified by the prosecutor’s office should appear in court, the AI ​​had to decide whether the special investigative methods used by the investigators – among other observations – were legal. The lawyers first successfully rebuffed a first KI and then appealed to Cassation against the decision of the second KI to approve the investigative methods used. Now that Cassation has rejected that appeal, the Council Chamber can begin to debate the merits of the case.


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